U.S. Getting Back Into Rare Earth Processing to Break China’s Monopoly

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As far back as 2011, The New American reported that U.S. environmental laws and regulations had closed down mining operations for “rare earth elements” (REE) in this country, making us almost completely dependent on the communist government of China, which then produced 97 percent of the world’s supply of these important minerals.

Truth About the Illuminati – Behind The Deep State – Video

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In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman gives you the true history of the Illuminati. Founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, the secret society worked to infiltrate and hijack Freemasonry. The diabolical agenda was to overthrow Christianity and all the governments of Europe to create a "utopia" based on principles very similar to those espoused by Karl Marx and communists a century later. The bloody French Revolution was their first great success. All this and more in this episode of Behind The Deep State!

Columbia Prof Who Fled Marxism Resigns: “Felt Like I Was Living Under Communism Again”

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After fleeing communism in his native Romania, Andrei Serban likely never thought he’d have to flee it a second time — in the United States. That is, until oppressive identity politics demands forced the award-winning theater director to resign his tenured position at Columbia University, which Serban said is “on its way toward full blown communism.”

Communist War on Chile – VIDEO

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The New American interviews Dr. Carlos Casanova, a Venezuelan lawyer and professor of philosophy of law at the Universidad Santo Tomás and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Dr. Casanova escaped socialism in Venezuela, a few years into the reign of Marxist leader Hugo Chavez. Now in Chile, Dr. Casanova sees the communists and socialists employing the same revolutionary strategy to take over the country.

Deep State Destroyed Syria, Not Trump-Video

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In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes how and why the Deep State destroyed Syria. You will learn how the Obama administration and other Deep State powers teamed up with Al Qaeda and other jihadists there, eventually unleashing the Islamic State or ISIS. Then, under the guise of fighting the Islamist threat the Deep State created, the Deep State started arming and training communist terrorist groups seeking to enslave Kurdish people. The audacity of criticizing Trump for withdrawing U.S. forces boggles the mind. Do not be deceived!

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