Deep State Seeks “League of Democracies” for Globalism | Behind the Deep State – video

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In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman explains that the Deep State is working to create a “League of Democracies” that will help advance globalism. Supposedly a bid to stand up to Communist China' s 5G ambitions, the real reason for this shift in tactics is that under the Trump administration, the United Nations has been discredited and paralyzed. The D-10 League of Democracies is being pushed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Carnegie Endowment, and other powerful forces. Eventually, the goal is to use this new EU-style entity to shackle the United States, fight “climate change,” bully small nations with low taxes, terrorize companies that don't go along with the globalism, and more, Deep State bigwigs admit.

The Problem with American Sports Culture -Video

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It seems today's Hollywood actors have now taken a back seat to the politics of athletes. From the BLM activism of Colin Kaepernick, to the antisemitic statements of DeSean Jackson, to the Communist China touting LeBron James. This along with the rampant cancel culture as seen against New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees should serve as a wake up call to all freedom loving Americans.

Bill Gates: Globalist Technocrat to “Save” You With Mandatory Vaccines? | Behind the Deep State – video

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In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his insane efforts to hijack education and more importantly today, inject everyone on the planet with his dangerous vaccines to supposedly save us from "coronavirus." Alex breaks down his close links to the mass-murdering leaders of Communist China, and to the globalist billionaires in the Deep State closer to home. Learn about Gates' fanatical obsession with population control, population reduction, depopulation and how he hopes to achieve it with abortion and vaccines.

Governments Increase Power During Pandemic; Will This Be Permanent?

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Even the New York Times, in a front-page story — above the fold — has recognized the obvious. “Pandemic tempts leaders to seize sweeping powers,” reads the headline, raising the question of whether many of the increased powers of government, and the corresponding contraction of liberty, will emerge as permanent features of life around the globe.

New World Order = Global Technocracy – VIDEO

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In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman explains that the New World Order globalists talk about so much will not be communist or capitalist. Rather, it will be a technocracy. Relying on the excellent research of Patrick Wood, Newman highlights the nature of this form of government, and warns about how dangerous it is. In short, it means no freedom and rule by elitist technocrats, supposedly in the interest of the environment or economic efficiency. Communist China is the premier model today, but this horrible system is spreading its tentacles around the world with help from top Deep State organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations.

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