CNN Says Biden Has “Problems” While Ignoring the Biggest Ones

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The headline at CNN has it right: “Biden still has a lot of problems as a candidate.” Problem is, the rest of the boilerplate analysis doesn’t tell us much about Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s “problems,” beyond the usual abstract political calculus involving the array of victims groups that compose the Democrat “coalition.”

Ratings Failure: Is CNN the “Collapsing News Network”?

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Perhaps it’s the competition from the Babylon Bee. But you’d think left-wing network CNN would see ratings shift during the interest-piquing Democrat primary season, and it has. Its ratings have actually dropped — while rival network Fox News’s numbers have risen. In fact, CNN couldn’t even manage one million viewers during New Hampshire's primary week; this is despite being available in approximately 85 million homes. Moreover, Fox more than tripled CNN’s viewership during the same period, the week of February 10.

CNN’s Don Lemon and Guests Mock Trump Supporters – VIDEO

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On Saturday evening, Americans got a small glimpse into the distorted mind of the mainstream news media and found out exactly what the anchors and punditry of CNN, in particular, think of them. Frustrated and grasping at straws in their orchestrated attempt with Democrats to remove Donald Trump from office, host Don Lemon and pundit guests turned to mocking and verbally abusing the president’s supporters.

Are the sanctions in Iran working?- Video

How did America get entangled in Iran, to begin with? And what could be Iran’s true motives for its behavior in the past few months? Today we talk about our history in the Middle East, Iran, & Iraq and how the sanctions are working!

“It Should Be Fun.” Nunes Doubles Down on Suing CNN & Daily Beast

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Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) reiterated his pledge to sue CNN and the Daily Beast during an interview on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Features, saying that the way to hold “corrupt” media outlets accountable is to take them to federal court. 

Trump Campaign Charges CNN With Breaking Federal Law Over Bias

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Outraged over disclosures by Project Veritas that Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide, is using his CNN network to attack and bring down the Trump presidency, Donald Trump’s reelection campaign sent a scathing letter to Zucker and his attorney on Wednesday. When it was released to the public on Friday the letter revealed that it charged them and the network with violating the Lanham Act.

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