NXVIM: Self Help Group or Cult? Part 2

We are back with our part 2 episode on NXVIM and today we dive into what Keith Ranier was teaching people and how he manipulated so many people! This is the Birds Eye View Show!

NXVIM: Did they blackmail the wrong group?

Keith Raniere, sex cult co-founder of a sex cult known as NXIVM was found guilty of multiple charges including sex trafficking, conspiracy, racketeering, and possession of child pornography. Based out of Albany NY specifically Clifton Park area. Many people have been reporting on this cult for the past 10-15 years but the law enforcement has not done anything about it until 2018. Today we look at why only now has this cult been exposed?

Sanders Field Organizer: Cities Will Burn If Sanders Loses Nod or Trump Wins. Cops Will Be Attacked. Gulags Coming for MAGA Supporters. – VIDEO

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Anyone who doubts that the election of socialist Bernie Sanders, also known as “the bum who wants your money,” will usher in a progressive utopia can rest easy. The candidate will end free speech as we know it, “re-educate” Trump-supporting Nazis with his plans for a “free” college education, and set up gulags for resisters.

Today’s Top Stories | Rosenbergs & Clintons

Now, who is the famous couple that headed a spy ring, and passed military secrets to the Soviets? Join Special Reporter Arleen Richards as she takes us back in history to compare our current headlines today with the echoes from our past. Is history repeating itself?

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