Given “Intelligence Coup of the Century,” How Can U.S. Explain Foreign Policy Failures?

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A recent joint report by the Washington Post and ZDF, a German public broadcaster, reveals that for decades leading up to 2018, a Swiss company that made encryption devices and software for more than 100 countries in the world “was secretly owned by the CIA in a highly classified partnership with West German intelligence.” The report also lays bare the well-kept secret that the CIA and West German intelligence “rigged the company’s devices so they could easily break the codes that countries used to send encrypted messages.”

What Does Recent CIA Revelation Mean About Encryption?

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As a joint report from the Washington Post and German broadcaster ZDF reveals, the CIA secretly owned the major manufacturer of encryption devices used by most governments of the world from the 1950s until well into the 2000s. That Swiss company — Crypto AG — built back doors into all of its encryption so that the CIA and NSA could easily decrypt the communications at will. Since the U.S. Intelligence Community has spent the past several years renewing its war on encryption in the hands of private citizens, what does this mean for private communications of those who use encryption?

Points of Control: HAARP, Dr. Royal Rife, Energy Race

In our continued discussion about energy weapons and technologies, we continue to look at HAARP's real capabilities, we look at the Rife machine, and look at the history of why the US got into an energy weapon race with Russia that led to the creation of particle beam weapons.

Points of Control: Scalar Waves & Mind Control

Welcome back to the Points of Control series! Today we speak about the big topic of Mind Control. If things are controlling us in society at large, then we need to explore how Mind Control works so that the following episodes will better explain these phenomena. Things are really more connected than we know and by looking at the bigger picture we can start to piece things together.

How the liberal Left took over Washington DC!

Today we learn about how the #FBI, #DOJ, & the #CIA run due to the overwhelming Leftist liberal government that has been running Washington DC since Jimmy Carter's presidency! Here is our part two interview with former CIA Intelligence Officer Brad Johnson.

Target of “Intelligence” Community: Trump & You | Behind the Deep State – Video

Americans have been led to believe that the so-called "intelligence" community exists to keep the country safe from Communists, Islamists, and other threats. Unfortunately, the reality is quite the opposite. The CIA has been filled with Deep State agents and even communists, including at the top, since the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) days. And during the Obama years, the mask dropped, with multiple U.S. government agencies making clear that the real target of these enormous and powerful bureaucracies is YOU. More recently, the Deep State-controlled "intelligence" community has been waging open warfare against their boss and commander-in-chief, duly elected U.S. President Donald Trump. These criminals must be exposed and held accountable as soon as possible if America is going to survive.

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