China’s Official Growth Figures Are Impossible, Says Economist

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The Chinese government on Oct. 18 released its third-quarter GDP growth statistics, claiming that the economy had grown by 6.0 percent, 0.1 percent lower than expected by a Reuters analysis. But according to an academic who gave a lecture on the Chinese economy that made headlines last December, the situation is actually far worse. 

Confucius Classrooms Being Banned in Australia

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The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) has decided to remove Confucius Classroom programs from its public schools. The decision comes on the heels of worries that the Chinese Communist Party is using these programs to influence children with a pro-communist perspective.

Beijing ‘Has a Secret Campaign’ to Get Trump Out of the White House

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Exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui has made it his mission to expose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Guo fled China in 2015 and began exposing corrupt secrets of high-level Communist Party members — past and present — in 2017. Earlier, he’d made billions through real estate developments in China where he was influential with Party elite before he fled to the U.S., where he also now goes by the name of Miles Kwok.

Want a Job in the Confucius Institutes? It Depends on How Loyal You Are

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In Confucius Institutes, a job as a teacher of Chinese culture not only requires knowledge about the subject but also love for the “motherland.” The rule was first issued in 2016 by the Confucius Institute headquarters in Beijing and has been mandatory ever since.

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