E26. Bayer’s Horrific background Exposed! TCM for Permanent Weight Loss.

All of our fans and followers will already know about the horrific backgrounds of many of the pharmaceutical companies around the world. Scientists and researchers globally are all talking about the horrific damage chemicals are doing to our human bodies and minds. Mike and Q can't talk enough about the subject because there is now a critical need for the public to be informed.

4 Food Groups That May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

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Epidemiological studies find that breast cancer is closely related to mental stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits — such as drinking, smoking and staying up late — as well as poor dietary habits. High-risk cancer-inducing foods include those that are fried, pickled, contain high-fat content, and processed food like sausages, ham, and bacon.  Eating less of these products can reduce the risk of having breast cancer.

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