Are Republicans Moving the U.S. Closer to Socialism? – VIDEO

Art Thompson, CEO of The John Birch Society, joins Dr. Duke Pesta to discuss how when Republicans have been in power they have shifted the U.S. more to the left. And the present Wuhan virus is no different, as demonstrated by the many draconian, big-government, mass-spending measures that Republican lawmakers at both the federal and state levels are embracing.

Be Thankful for this… | Art Thompson – Video

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In this interview, Dr. Duke Pesta talks with JBS CEO Art Thompson about the origins and importance of Thanksgiving. Art explains that many people today do not grasp nor understand the real hardships the Pilgrims endured, why they were thankful, and how we still enjoy those freedoms 400 years later. Do we really enjoy the independence that we have? Are we grateful for the things that allow us to be free citizens?

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