AP Stylebook: Don’t Upset Rioters and Looters With Accurate Terms

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The Associated Press has declared itself the information ministry for Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the two revolutionary groups rioting, burning, and looting American cities, and, in some cases, attacking or murdering Trump supporters. In a series of tweets last week, AP explained how its reporters must use such words as “riot,” “revolt,” or “protest.” Those words, AP avers, can disguise the unhappiness of the people who are rioting, burning, and looting American cities.

1,000 Arrested, 217 Charged With Federal Crimes in Nationwide Sweep

Federal, state, and local authorities have bagged 1,000 criminals and charged more than 200 with federal crimes in the nationwide law-enforcement effort called Operation Legend, which was begun after the shooting death of a little boy in Kansas City. The operation, named for LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old killed by gunfire as he slept, was announced last month and sent hundreds of federal agents into crime-ridden cities to help state and local police fight violent crime.

Richmond, Virginia Officials and Media Claim Antifa and BLM Arrestees Are “White Supremacists”

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RICHMOND, VA — The story of riots under the pretext of “peaceful protest” continues to play out in America’s cities. The past few days in Richmond, Virgina, is a case in point. As one “protest” after another predictably devolved into one violent and destructive riot after another, the establishment in both government and media continue to spin the facts to condemn white conservatives with a smear campaign that has not even a passing acquaintance with reality.

Portland Under Siege by Antifa and Other Left-wing Terrorists

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Portland is a city with a long history and reputation of supporting left-wing politics and offering a home to like-minded social misfits. That reputation has come back to haunt the city in a big way, as for 39 straight days domestic terrorists have engaged in protest after riotous protest in a misguided attempt to “burn the system down.”

New York Times Op-ed Calls for “Literally” Abolishing Police

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In an opinion piece that stretches the boundaries of logic and reason even for a newspaper as liberal as the New York Times, Mariame Kaba attempts to blow away the cobwebs and clarify what liberal groups such as BLM and Antifa mean when they say “Abolish the Police.” The answer is in the title of her article: “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police — Because Reform Won’t Happen.”

FBI, Austin Cops Nail Antifa Members. Facebook Used in Target Raid

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Authorities in Austin, Texas, have arrested three members of a Maoist Antifa subsidiary for looting, burglary, and destruction of property at a Target store. One of the suspects, KVUE-ABC reported, used a Facebook page to encourage support and recruit participants for the raid.

Leftists: D-Day GIs Were Antifa

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The radical Left beclowned itself this weekend with the claim that the Antifa goons who are looting and burning American cities and attacking cops are doing the same job as the American boys who landed at Normandy. The 76th anniversary of the Allied landings on June 6, 1944 to open the final campaign in the liberation of Europe occasioned the absurd equation that came from at least four people who should know better.

Project Veritas Video: Antifa Instructors Teach Violence

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Two undercover video reports from Project Veritas reveal the “violent nature” of Antifa, the armed and dangerous communist group that Attorney General William Barr has accused of “domestic terrorism.” Though PV recorded two meetings at which “instructors” described the violence and mayhem that members should inflict upon opponents, Antifa’s violent terror tactics are well known and have ended in criminal charges in the past.

Armed Citizens Defend Town: “Rioters, Looters KEEP OUT!” – video

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This is a tale of two cities: Spokane, Washington, which recently suffered riots and looting, and neighboring Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which has averted (thus far) the same kind of planned havoc. Retired military and law-enforcement personnel who regularly monitor the websites and activities of militant leftists told The New American that Coeur d’Alene, 30 miles east of Spokane, has been targeted by the same Antifa/BlackLivesMatter agitators that have left Spokane and other American cities in flames and smoldering ruins.

Bricks Found at Protest Sites Suggest Orchestrated Campaign to Incite Violence

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Violent protests, looting, and rioting have been taking place in cities throughout the country for days following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, as mounting evidence continues to indicate that these so-called protests are not organically grown, but are being orchestrated by dangerous and well-funded groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. In areas of civil unrest, pallets of bricks have reportedly been placed, presumably to be used as weapons of destruction by looters when the sun goes down.

Left-Wing Criminals Attack Trump Supporters After Minneapolis Rally

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In a sad story that’s become all too familiar in the past three years, left-wing rioters — many of them associated with the domestic terrorist group Antifa — physically attacked several supporters of President Donald Trump after a rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Thursday night.

ANTIFA Calling Child Protective Services On Conservative Families – Video

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Heather Hobbs shares with The New American her family's recent run-ins with Child Protective Services. Hobbs shares that numerous fake reports have been called into CPS in order to target her family. Heather also shares that isn't isolated to her family, and that there is an alarming trend that is developing among the radical left.

AOC, Pressley, Try to Raise Money for Antifa Terrorists Who Attacked Cops

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Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, both Democrats, are raising money to support domestic terror against cops. The two congresswomen have asked Twitter followers to donate funds for the legal defense of Antifa goons who attacked cops and peaceful “straight pride” protesters in Boston over the Labor Day weekend.

Left-wing Antifa Terrorist Violence Erupts in Portland; “Proud Boys” Score P.R. Win

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Dozens of media outlets warned of possible violence in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday as the Proud Boys, an organization of men that welcomes all races, creeds, and sexual orientations so long as they support Western values rallied in the city. And, boy, were the media right. But none of the violence came from the right on Saturday. No, Saturday’s violence was a product of our favorite left-wing terrorist group Antifa. The Proud Boys group marched briefly and left the area. But as the day wore on, Portland police were forced to declare the ongoing disruption caused by Antifa a “civil disturbance” and order people to disburse. Portland police made at least 13 arrests during Saturday’s protests — none of which appeared to be associated with the Proud Boys.

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