Supporting Our American Warriors—Veterans Day Edition

Michael Boscia Irreverent Warriors
Michael Boscia talking with a friend. (Courtesy of Michael Boscia)

Today’s podcast is a Veterans Day special episode. Vanessa Rios Gomez talks with Marine Corps veteran Michael Boscia, who is one of the coordinators for Irreverent Warriors, an organization committed to helping veterans survive the darkest moments in their lives outside of military service.

They are Irreverent Warriors, the men, and women who have been prepared to kill and die for our country. They have laughed in the face of death, dismemberment, and the enemies of the United States. When they created the organization, they created it with the intent of giving American military members and veterans the opportunity to connect together, using humor and camaraderie in supporting each other and building community.

Listen as Michael explains in more detail what they do, as well as his personal take on some of the tough obstacles Irreverent Warriors combat outside of military service.

Irreverent Warriors
Michael Boscia (right) is pictured with military veteran friends who volunteer and participate in Irreverent Warrior runs. (Courtesy of Michael Boscia)


Irreverent Warrior Silkie Run
Michael Boscia (far left in pink shorts and pink troll wig) is pictured running in a “Silkies hike,” named so after the silk-like shorts military members wear during physical training while in active duty. The hikes are organized for active duty, veterans, Guard, or reserves. It gives them a chance to get together with others who have similar backgrounds and experiences. (Courtesy of Michael Boscia)