Super Bowl 53, Tough Game and Show All Around.

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Super Bowl 53, Tough Game and Show All Around

The Super Bowl 53 was held in Atlanta, Georgia. The teams; New England Patriots against the L.A. Rams. The score at the end Rams 3 and Patriots 13.

This was the 6th title for the Patriots and their third consecutive year playing at the Super Bowl. Some would say that must have been so intense, but it really wasn’t. Many say it really was a bit boring. The most interesting highlights some say were people’s reactions to it.

There was also a lot of controversy surrounding this year’s Super Bowl halftime entertainment with some headliners just turning the gig down.



Most of it stems from the NFL protests against police brutality which Colin Kaepernick spearheaded when he refused to stand for the national anthem, thus players would take a knee during the anthem as a protest. The NFL  said that it would fire anyone for not standing and they could only protest by just staying in the locker room.

There were several major headliners like Rihanna and Cardi B that declined to perform at the Super Bowl to show their solidarity with Kaepernick. Maroon 5, Travis Scott and rapper Big Boi made up this year’s halftime entertainment show.

Gladys Knight wowed the crowd with her rendition of the National Anthem. All and all this year’s Super Bowl was the least watched in 10 years.


The game itself had only one touch down the rest of the points were kicks.

To say more here are some of the comments garnered from across social media;

“ What time does the Super Bowl end?”

“I could’ve done absolutely nothing for the last three hours and it would’ve been more entertaining”

“This is like watching Ambien”

“This game; Here’s the most boring thing you’ve ever seen.  The Halftime entertainment: Hold my beer.”

“Oh. Patriots win. That feels……familiar # SuperBowl.”

One tweet had a picture of a skeleton sitting at a table in front of consoles the caption,

“Live look at the guy who’s controlling the scoreboard. “