Study: Most Americans Want More Illegals Deported; Deporting All Would Save $622 BILLION

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Study: Most Americans Want More Illegals Deported; Deporting All Would Save $622 BILLION

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Most citizens want to see an increase in illegal-alien deportations, according to a new survey. In news that will please open-borders types, however, the research also finds that an even larger majority wants a “path to citizenship” for the estimated 22.1 million illegals present in our nation.

The survey, conducted by Pew Research Center September 3 to 15, also found, not surprisingly, stark priority differences between Democrats and Republicans on these issues, as well as ideological variation within both parties.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans “say it is very or somewhat important to increase security along the U.S.-Mexico border,” writes Pew, while a narrow majority, 54 percent, say it’s “very or somewhat important” to increase deportations of illegals. Forty-five percent say “it is not too or not at all important.”

As for partisan differences, approximately

“nine-in-ten Republicans (91%) say that increasing border security is very or somewhat important, with seven-in-ten (70%) calling this a very important goal,” Pew relates.

This “very important” number rises to 81 percent among “conservative Republicans,” who constitute approximately 67 percent of the GOP and those leaning toward it. Only 52 percent of “moderate and liberal Republicans” rate border security likewise.

The latter GOP group is joined by almost the same percentage of Democrats and Democrat leaners, with 49 percent of them considering increased border security important.

“Among Democrats, conservatives and moderates (who make up roughly half of Democrats and Democratic leaners) are more likely than liberal Democrats to rate this as a very or somewhat important goal (60% vs. 37%),”

Pew also tells us.

“The divide between partisans is even larger when it comes to increased deportations of unauthorized immigrants [sic],” Pew continues. “Around eight-in-ten Republicans (83%) say that increasing deportations is important, including 51% who say it is very important. Among Democrats, only around three-in-ten (31%) call this an important goal, and just 10% call it very important.” (You can read all the survey data here.)

One reason for this partisan difference is that 85 to 90 percent of our post-1967 immigrants (and at least that percentage of illegals) come from the Third World, and 70 to 90 percent of that group votes Democrat upon naturalization — and sometimes before. (Im)migration equals increased Democrat power and socialism’s spread.

Despite this, the last three years have seen an immigrationist turn. “Since 2016, Americans have become slightly more likely to say it’s important to establish a way for those here illegally to stay in the country, Pew also informs — “and they have become slightly less likely to say it’s important to increase deportations.”

Explanation? Much of this is driven by media-narrative-born ignorance, by immigrationist suppositions now woven into the public consciousness. Just consider Pew’s reflexive labeling of illegals as “immigrants in the country illegally.” This is oxymoronic because “immigrant” has the connotation of someone who has followed the legal process for entry into our nation. Labeling illegals “immigrants” sanitizes their status.

Then consider whether the following, if widely known, would change public opinion on illegal migration.

• As Breitbart reported Sunday, “Deporting every illegal alien in the country would amount to a cost savings of about $622 billion over the course of a lifetime. This indicates that deporting illegal aliens is six times less costly than what it costs American taxpayers to currently subsidize the millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S.”

• Contrary to the government’s convenient estimate that our nation’s illegals number approximately 11 million, a Yale University study finds the figure to be 22.1 million — greater than the population of Florida.

• That 73 percent of Americans “say it is important to take in refugees escaping war and violence,” according to Pew, is no doubt why “refugee” status is used to justify much immigration. Yet refugee claims appear mostly fraudulent, as practicing Muslim Dr. Mudar Zahran pointed out in 2015 regarding Muslim immigration. Moreover, the spirit of refugee status is that a person is granted refuge until the danger in his native land has passed. It’s not supposed to be a permanent situation, and is another ploy to import left-leaning voters.

• Nearly 400,000 illegals were apprehended trying to cross the border last year alone, and low-end estimates hold that 1,000 a day successfully invade, according to the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform. Note that these people are by definition unknown quantities, carrying unknown motives, weapons, and diseases.

• Given the above, it’s not surprising that terrorists have come across our border. In fact, a border-jumping terrorist was on trial in Canada last month, reported the Federalist.

• Moreover, contrary to media spin, statistics from the US Sentencing Commission show that illegals are far more likely than citizens to commit crimes.

Even DACA recipients, so-called “Dreamers” (another propaganda term) — who receive the most sympathetic coverage — have among them “[a]ccused thieves, child-porn suspects, [and] suspected murderers,” writes the Washington Times. In fact, 79,398 DACA individuals have had criminal charges filed against them. Of course, the media love to talk about the anomalous DACA recipient who’s a valedictorian with a future so bright he’s gotta’ wear shades (hat tip: Timbuk 3). Left out is that this makes the person the perfect candidate to return to and build up his native country.

Below is an excellent video about illegal aliens and crime.

If the mainstream media actually related the above truths, don’t you think it might “reshape” how Americans “think about illegal [migration],” as commentator Tucker Carlson put it above? Instead, we’re deluged with continual immigrationist propaganda.

Speaking of reshaping, this is precisely what the New York Times stated, matter-of-factly in 2003, that the Beijing government was doing to Tibet via the migration of ethnic Chinese. In this vein, the left-wing Guardian reported approvingly in 2008 the Dalai Lama’s assertion that China’s action had the effect “of diluting Tibetan culture and identity.”

In other words, the mainstream media know full well the effects of massive immigration. But they just love the statist, socialist way it’s reshaping us. Reporting on our recent elections, after all, the Times just boasted about how immigration flipped Virginia blue — as immigrationists flip traditional America the bird.

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