“State of War”: Jihadist Threat Forces Brussels Police to Escort Firemen on New Year’s – VIDEO

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“State of War”: Jihadist Threat Forces Brussels Police to Escort Firemen on New Year’s

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New Year’s celebrations across Western Europe were again marred by violence, attacks on authorities, and fires. In fact, while firefighters in Brussels, Belgium, planned to be at the ready, they needed police escorts to be free from violence themselves. Yet doing violence to Truth, the reportage on the story has been marred by something else: an almost complete news blackout on the real source of the problems.

That’s according to Jihad Watch proprietor Robert Spencer. Quoting a Belgian fire union representative who lamented that they’re supposed to be “in Belgium, not in a state of war!” Spencer points out that even Breitbart treated the cause like Voldemort, refusing to identify it.

But its cause is clear,” Spencer avers. “Jihadists took advantage of globalist open-door immigration policies and infiltrated refugee streams.”

The police protection is a response to violence Brussels firefighters endured last year. But not all were happy. As Breitbart reports, “Public sector union SLFP representative Eric Labourdette commented on the move, saying: ‘We are going to have to escort firefighters who are going to rescue people. Is that normal? Not at all! We are in Belgium, not in a state of war! Politicians must, at some point, ask how we are arriving at such a situation, having to escort our rescuers.”

They don’t ask much anymore, though, because the West’s see, hear, and speak-no-evil pseudo-elites don’t want the answer.

Spencer points out that the New York Times did do some beating-around-the-bush reporting, interspersed with truth, on Brussels in 2016:

Around the world, this city of great, if often ramshackle, charm has become Exhibit A in the case against immigration, particularly when it involves large numbers of Muslims.

Donald J. Trump called the Belgian capital “a hellhole,” while Lubomir Zaoralek, the foreign minister of the Czech Republic, recently cited the city to explain why his and other Eastern European countries had steadfastly resisted a plan by the European Union to spread Syrian and other Muslim refugees around the Continent under a quota system.

“All the people in the Czech Republic and in other countries see what happened in Molenbeek,” he told a security conference in Slovakia over the weekend, referring to the Brussels borough where many of those involved in the attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 and in Brussels on March 22 grew up.”

Again, however, it’s not just Brussels. As Breitbart reported January 1, “Celebrations of the new year across several European countries were marred with violence including attacks on police and emergency services, car burnings along with other forms of violence” — in what has become a new “European” New Year’s tradition.

Not only has this become the new normal, but it appears that accepting the “no-go zones” in which these problems mainly occur has also. (“No-go zones” is an unofficial term for primarily Muslim areas in some European countries where civil law has broken down and been, at least in part, supplanted by Sharia law, and where civil authorities often fear to tread.)

The Left, after all, labeled these zones a “right-wing” myth and used to direct scathing condemnation at those daring to speak of them. But then the problems worsened, and even the main author of Europe’s recent years’ mass migration, German chancellor Angela Merkel, admitted in 2018 that they existed.

(It’s much as how the Left once insisted there was “no crisis at the border” — until a few months later — when it couldn’t be denied. Then they said the problem was that President Trump was mismanaging the terrible, unconscionable crisis.)

Also note that the no-go-zone story, that “right-wing” myth, appears to have been originated by the New York Times in its 2007 essay “The Battle Over the Banlieues.”

The Times also admitted, as a March 2016 title read, that Europe was “Fighting a War on ISIS Within Its Borders.” Yet much better than reading the Gray Lady, which seeks rationalizations more than reasons, is listening to practicing Muslim and Jordanian Opposition Coalition leader Dr. Mudar Zahran. He warned in the below 2015 interview that he had the “names of terrorists who actually are already in Europe posting their photos in Europe on Facebook.”

But there’s a reason you didn’t see the above interview in the three-monkeys mainstream media. As Zahran, who’s living as an asylee in Great Britain, explained:

We do have a genuine problem with Muslims in Europe … in most cases they don’t seem to fully integrate in the country. Not to mention the cases where there are people who want to turn Europe into a Muslim state in 30 or 40 or 50 years through producing children and depending on welfare through the children. In short, I think there is a very major problem to Europe’s identity…. What we see with many Muslims in Europe are people marching in London, Berlin, and elsewhere demanding Sharia law.

Zahran also said that the “refugees” should be kept out of Europe and that we were witnessing “the soft Islamic conquest of the West.” Hey, he must be an Islamophobe™.

So don’t expect this Muslim to appear on CNN or MSNBC anytime soon because if the mainstream media do have a New Year’s resolution, it’s to double down on the fake news.

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