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Sound of Hope Radio Network Appeals To Bangkok To Release Detained Taiwanese Volunteer

February 8, 2019 By Pat Smiles

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Sound of Hope Radio Network Appeals To Bangkok To Release Detained Taiwanese Volunteer

For the last 15 years The Sound of Hope Radio Network has been broadcasting uncensored news to the people in China through shortwave radio from countries located around China.

This is one way that the Chinese people get to hear about news happening around the world as well as in China. An example of this was the recent report about how the swine flu has now become a serious public health risk in the country but the Chinese Government has been suppressing this fact. The station also reports on human rights violations, religious persecution and environmental issues in China.

The Chinese government has been unable to jam their signals and so have resorted to putting pressure on the governments of its surrounding countries to arrest SOH staff and their journalists. In 2011,the Vietnam government arrested two SOH staff and sentenced them to a 3 year jail term. In the same year Indonesia forcefully closed down Radio Era Baru and even arrested the station manager.

This has all been due to pressure put on these governments from the Chinese Regime.

In a most recent incident that happened in August of 2018, in the city of Chiang Mai, the Thai police dismantled a SOH radio. Three months later on Nov 23,2018, Thai police arrested Mr. Chiang Yung-Shin. He is a Taiwan national and is an executive for a foreign company in Thailand.

Mr. Chiang had helped SOH by leasing a house to set up a short wave radio. After his arrest Mr. Chiang learned from the police that their actions were a result of pressure from China.

Mr. Chiang now faces charges by the Thai government and could face up to five years in prison if convicted. He has now lost his job in Thailand and is now charged with a crime of broadcasting uncensored information into China which does no harm in any way to the country of Thailand.

SOH Network is now protesting and calling  for the immediate release of Mr. Chiang from the Thai government. This is again purely persecution from the Chinese Regime and it’s relentless suppression of freedom of the press. It bullies and threatens it’s neighbors to act against any voices or influence not under its control.

These Sound of Hope staff are brave souls who are literally volunteering to try to help the people of China to hear uncensored news, none of the people involved are working for private enterprise or monetary gain.

The SOH broadcasts are critical to the people in China and they rely on SOH to get the real news of what is happening outside of China.

Below is the official Press Release from the Sound of Hope Network


Sound of Hope Radio Network will protest in front of the Royal Thai
Embassy The protest will take place in front of the Thai Royal Embassy
1024 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007 at 2:00 pm on Thursday Feb 7.

Sound of Hope Radio Network (SOH) calls Thai government to free Mr.
Chiang Yung-Shin, a Taiwanese national helped SOH with leasing of a
house to set up its shortwave radio broadcasting to China. Mr. Chiang at
the time was a top executive for a Taiwanese company in Thailand.
According to SOH, the Thai police arresting him because of pressure from
the Chinese communist regime.

SOH states that shortwave broadcasting to China is very critical to the
people in there to learn about truthful and accurate news in China and
around the world. Chinese communist regime constantly censors news on
its human rights violations, religious persecution and objective news
from around the world. SOH emphasizes that broad-casting uncensored
information using low power shortwave equipment to China brings no harm
to Thailand in any way, shape or form.

Thailand government alleges Mr. Chiang of violating its communications
law. He now faces a possible 5 years maximum jail time. He is currently
on bail in Thailand but is forbidden to return to Taiwan. The court date
is set to February 12 in Chiang Mei, Thailand.

SOH spokesperson Frank Lee said,

“It is not good for Thailand to
follow Beijing to suppress free press. Mr. Chiang is selfless and his
actions were not for his own gains. We urge the Thai government to free
Mr. Chiang so that he can return to Taiwan to his wife and two children.”

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