Sex Ed Mandated in Kindergarten Under Kentucky Bill

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Sex Ed Mandated in Kindergarten Under Kentucky Bill

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From FreedomProject Media:

Legislation in Kentucky would mandate the sexualization of children with “comprehensive sex education” starting in Kindergarten, sparking outrage across the state and beyond. The measure demands gender bending and LGBTQ propaganda, too.

The bill, HB 296, would order every single school district in one of America’s more conservative states to begin indoctrinating children into progressive views on sexuality starting next year. The sexualization would be ubiquitous, beginning in Kindergarten and continuing until the 12the grade.

Naturally, advocates of sexualizing young children used all the mandatory buzzwords — “age appropriate, inclusive, and medically accurate” — to try to make the sexualization of 5-year olds seem less grotesque. Most of the media parroted those terms as well.

“The bill is as much about social, emotional and mental health education as it is about sex ed, and would focus on healthy relationships, consent, critical thinking, responsible decision-making and acceptance of differences,” explained State Representative Lisa Willner, a far-left Democrat from Louisville.

In other words, radicalized government schools would not only sexualize children, but also manipulate their emotions and their thought processes. The scheme also has as a chief goal the normalization of homosexuality, gender confusion, and all manner of sexual perversion.

“We need to teach children early on, in medically accurate and age appropriate ways, about healthy relationships, consent about matters of their own bodies and healthy decision making about all relationships,” added Willner, without explaining why Kindergarten children need to know about sex.

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