Sanders Quits, Says Candidacy Means Americans Want Socialism

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Sanders Quits, Says Candidacy Means Americans Want Socialism

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Bernie Sanders, one of the few public figures who still touts the virtues of Cuban Communism, ended his presidential campaign today.

The elderly socialist’s departure from the race to become the Democrat nominee means Joe Biden, the former vice president, will become the nominee when party members convene in August, either in person or in cyberspace, to rubber-stamp his run against President Trump.

Sanders left the political battlefield with yet another call for Americans to harness themselves to a massive socialist megastate that would take over much of the U.S. economy.

We’re Entitled to Everything We Demand!

Sanders opened his farewell message to supporters on a gracious note, with “deep gratitude for helping to create an unprecedented grassroots political campaign that has had a profound impact in changing our nation.”

The campaign, he said, “showed the world that we can take on the corrupt campaign finance system and run a major presidential campaign without being dependent upon the wealthy and the powerful.”

Sanders cited 10 million contributors who donated an average $18.50.

He continued with a call for the creation of a totalitarian megastate, a plea that opened with the words of yet another member of Sanders’ pantheon of communist gods: terrorist Nelson Mandela.

“Nelson Mandela, one of the great great freedom fighters in modern world history, famously said, and I quote, ‘it always seems impossible until it is done,’ end quote. And what he meant by that was the greatest obstacle to real social change has everything to do with the power of the corporate and political establishment to limit our vision as to what is possible and what we are entitled to as human beings.”

Sanders didn’t bother to mention the many black Africans that Mandela’s African National Congress terror outfit murdered by necklacking, but anyway, he continued with a list of things to which everyone is “entitled”:

If we don’t believe that we are entitled to health care as a human right, we will never achieve universal health care.

If we don’t believe that we are entitled to decent wages and working conditions, millions of us will continue to live in poverty.

If we don’t believe that we are entitled to all of the education we require to fulfill our dreams, many of us will leave school saddled with huge debt or never get the education we need.

If we don’t believe that we are entitled to live in a world that has a clean environment, and is not ravaged by climate change, we will continue to see more drought, floods, rising sea levels, an increasingly uninhabitable planet.

If we don’t believe that we are entitled to live in a world of justice, democracy, and fairness, without racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, or religious bigotry, we will continue to have massive income and wealth inequality, prejudice and hatred, mass incarceration, terrified immigrants, and hundreds of thousands of Americans sleeping out on the streets in the richest country on Earth.

Sanders claimed that most Democrat and even Republican voters supported his “new vision” of a $15-an-hour minimum wage, socialist healthcare, wrecking the oil industry, and college for everyone.

“It was not long ago that people considered these ideas radical and fringe,” he continued. “Today, they are mainstream ideas and many of them are already being implemented in cities and states across the country. That is what we have accomplished together.”

Sanders claimed that most voters in the primary states supported a Leviathan state that would finish eliminating any distinction between state and federal power, and permit the government even more opportunity to code, trace, and snoop into the lives of ordinary Americans, not least by having control of every detail of their healthcare.

Too Old

Though Sanders bested Biden in the first three Democrat primaries and briefly held the top spot in the Real Clear Politics average of Democrat voters, the beating the senator took on Super Tuesday all but ended any hope that Americans would elect a president who openly praises communist mass murderers.

Biden had amassed 1,217 delegates to Sanders’ 914.

But the problem for Sanders wasn’t just his love of communist tyrants or his unhinged staffers, who threatened riots, burning cities, and murdered police if he lost, and gulags and firing squads for moderates and conservatives if he won.

At 78, he was approaching the age, as is Biden, when many Americans are moving to a retirement home if not an assisted living facility. A heart attack temporarily suspended his campaign schedule; the Chinese Virus has ended it as a practical matter.

The question is whether Democrats will continue with Biden, or pick another candidate not born when armies still used horses in battle and who is not showing signs of dementia.


R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

Courtesy of The New American