Reuters: Biden’s “Lead” Over Trump Has Evaporated

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Reuters: Biden’s “Lead” Over Trump Has Evaporated

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The latest results from a Reuters/Ipsos poll published on Tuesday reveals that any so-called advantage presumptive Democrat Party presidential candidate Joe Biden might have had over President Trump in the upcoming presidential election has all but disappeared.

In a poll taken three weeks ago by Reuters, Biden led Trump by eight points; the same poll taken last week showed Biden’s lead had dropped to six points. The latest poll taken on Monday and Tuesday of this week showed Biden’s lead cut to just two percentage points, within the poll’s MoE (margin of error).

In that same poll, Reuters learned that 45 percent of those polled (1,252 American adults, including 1,015 who are registered to vote in November) believed that Trump was better suited to create jobs, while Biden limped behind at just 32 percent. That 13-point advantage is seven points better than it was just three weeks ago.

These results square with a survey completed by Daily Kos from May 2 through May 5 showing that 43 percent of those polled have a “favorable” rating for the president while just 34 percent have a similar regard for Biden.

A broader look at president election polling, provided at, also shows that Biden’s so-called lead over Trump in the November elections is fading. A Fox News poll taken in early April showed the two presumptive candidates at dead even, while one conducted by The Hill/HarrisX two weeks later showed Biden with a narrow two-point lead.

That lead vanished in an IBD/TIPP poll taken in late April, while another one by CNBC showed Biden hanging on to a three-point lead.

In other measures, Emerson College reported last week that Trump’s “voter enthusiasm gap” over Biden was 19 percent, adding that six out of 10 respondents said they expected Trump to win in November.

Perhaps the biggest tell of all was provided by Gallup on Sunday when it reported that 47 percent of independents “approve of the job [Trump] is doing as president, the highest Gallup has measured for [that] group to date.” Gallup added that Trump’s overall job-performance approval rating had jumped six percentage points, the highest seen since his inauguration.

And where real money is at stake, oddsmakers are consistently reporting that Trump’s lead over the Democrat Party’s presumptive candidate is approaching 10 percent.


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