Record Breaking Climb: French Woman Climbs The Eiffel Tower In Less Than 20 Minutes

Chris Lawson April 10, 2024

Anouk Garnier Climbed the Eiffel Tower In Less Than 20 Minutes

French athlete Anouk Garnier, aged 34, has recently made headlines worldwide for her remarkable feat: breaking the world rope climbing record by scaling the iconic Eiffel Tower. On Wednesday, she achieved this extraordinary accomplishment, ascending 110 meters in just 18 minutes, reaching the tower's second floor. Anouk Garnier's inspirational climb not only set a new high in the world of rope climbing but also served as a powerful initiative to raise funds for cancer prevention and support. Her determination and athleticism exemplify the spirit of overcoming challenges for a greater cause.

It only took 18 minutes for Anouk Garnier to climb the Eiffel Tower on April 10, 2024. Garnier absolutely crushed this 110 meter climb to raise money for cancer prevention and support.

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