Rand Paul Chastises Biden for Not Denouncing “Marauding” BLM Supporters

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Rand Paul Chastises Biden for Not Denouncing “Marauding” BLM Supporters

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During an interview with Fox News Rundown podcast host Jessica Rosenthal on September 2, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) talked about the epidemic of riots and mayhem spreading across America, the role of Black Lives Matter in fomenting those riots, and the failure of Joe Biden to denounce those creating the civil unrest.

Paul told Rosenthal:

You know I think we need law and order. I think the fact that our cities and even our major cities are on fire and that there’s looting and marauding and rioting in the streets … is a real problem for the country. I think it is important to note that a majority of these cities are run by Democrat mayors, governors that are Democrats. Democrats have run these cities for 50 years and basically they’re a disaster. Chicago’s a killing zone, Portland is on fire.

Paul and his wife, Kelley, encountered the violent “protestors” firsthand on the night of August 27 as they were leaving the Republican National Convention following President Trump’s acceptance of his party’s nomination. Video taken that evening shows Paul and his wife attempting to walk down the street guarded by several police officers and eventually being surrounded by a large and increasingly violent mob of “protestors.”

Members of the mob recognized Paul and called out his name. They arrogantly demanded that Paul “say her name,” in reference to Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police gunfire in her apartment. Her death occurred after police, serving a “no-knock” warrant, were fired upon by Taylor’s boyfriend.

Apparently, those making this demand were ignorant of the fact that Senator Paul has long been an opponent of such “no-knock” raids. A release on Paul’s website on June 11 noted:

Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act (S. 3955) to prohibit no-knock warrants, which allow law enforcement officials to forcibly enter a home without announcing their authority or purpose. The bill is named in memory and honor of Breonna Taylor.… “After talking with Breonna Taylor’s family, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s long past time to get rid of no-knock warrants. This bill will effectively end no-knock raids in the United States,” said Sen. Paul.

When talking about the rioters, Paul said, “I think Joe Biden, and I think also Kamala Harris, they need to denounce these people. This is their base. These marauding people in our streets are all supporters of Joe Biden.”

When Rosenthal suggested that anarchists don’t support any politicians, including Biden, Paul said, “Who do you think the organizers of Black Lives Matter support? They support Joe Biden. They hate Donald Trump with a passion and they do support Joe Biden.… He could easily renounce the support of any of the people involved with this, but he won’t because Black Lives Matter is a constituent group and part of the base of Joe Biden. And I frankly think that he won’t because he actually supports what they’re doing.”


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