Puberty Blocking Drug Used on “Trans” Kids Linked to Thousands of Deaths

Puberty Blocking Drug Used on “Trans” Kids Linked to Thousands of Deaths

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Since children were once given radium candy and laudanum, a medication containing opium, that a drug administered to kids could be dangerous is not unprecedented. And now, worry critics, a puberty-blocking medication prescribed for children misidentified as “transgender” may also be imperiling the young.

As the Christian Post reports, “Between 2012 and June 30 of this year, the FDA documented over 40,764 adverse reactions suffered by patients who took leuprolide acetate (Lupron), which is used as a hormone blocker. More than 25,500 reactions logged from 2014-2019 were considered ‘serious,’ including 6,370 deaths.”

“Adverse complications related to its use include breast disorders, malignant neoplasms, and psychiatric and nervous disorders,” the Post also informs.

“Lupron — and other drugs in its class — significantly alters the hormone levels in the body and has been documented to contribute to blood clots and other cardiovascular complications, as well as brittle bones and faulty joints,” the site continues.

Note, however, that Lupron is said to have at least two legitimate applications (most every drug has its place), the first being halting precocious puberty.

The second application adds perspective to this story. As American Thinker writes, an NBC News piece debunks quite a bit of the Lupron bad press, “probably accurately, noting that the drugs in question are often used on terminally ill prostate cancer patients, often as a palliative” (such drugs are also sometimes used to treat sex offenders).

Fair enough, but did “that report say that every last one of those 6,300 deaths from users of those drugs was a cancer patient? It didn’t,” American Thinker continues. “So we still don’t know.”

But here’s what we do know: “Lupron is being prescribed off-label for use in children who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria [who claim they’re really the opposite sex] despite the lack of formal FDA approval for that purpose,” the Daily Wire tells us.

Something else we can know was related by Michael Laidlaw, a California-based endocrinologist who revealed earlier this year that testosterone is now sometimes given to girls as young as eight years old.

“Gender dysphoria is not an endocrine condition, but is a psychological one and should, therefore, be treated with proper psychological care,” he told the Christian Post in a December 2018 interview.

“But it becomes an endocrine condition once you start using puberty blockers and giving cross-sex hormones to kids,” he continued.

That “gender dysphoria” is a psychological issue is not opinion, but what all scientific evidence indicates. While sexual “devolutionaries” justify their biological interventions (i.e., hormone blockers, surgery) by claiming that a person’s sense that he’s a member of the opposite sex has a biological basis, this is a pseudo-scientific assertion, as explained in-depth here. It’s damaging quackery.

In fact, Laidlaw “knows of no psychological condition that is treated by putting hormones out of alignment from their normal levels,” the Post also relates.

Moreover, the physician told the National Catholic Register that the drugs in question “actually induce a known disease in previously hormonally healthy children.”

The site continues, “Puberty blockers, he explained, interfere with normal signals between the brain and the sex organs, thereby creating a disease state called hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in youths. ‘It’s a serious condition that endocrinologists would normally diagnose and treat because it interferes with development, but in [gender dysphoria] cases they’re inducing this disease state,’ Laidlaw said.”

Additionally, today, “medical scenarios such as girls as young as 13 and 14 undergoing double mastectomies and 17-year-old boys with penises of 9-year-olds, developmentally speaking, because of chemical puberty blockers, are now showing up,” the Post relates about Laidlaw’s remarks at a March Heritage Foundation event.

This is all done under the nebulous concept of “gender identity,” he pointed out, something which no “blood test, genetic testing, or brain imaging scans can find,” the Post also relates him as saying. Laidlaw lamented that “there is no objective test to diagnose this, yet we are giving very harmful therapies on the basis of no objective diagnosis.”

He summed up, mincing no words, “This whole thing is an experiment on children.”

Of course, Laidlaw is hardly alone in sounding this alarm. Think-tank philosopher Ryan T. Anderson pointed out last year that “transgenderism” is delusion, renowned psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh has stated “‘Sex change’ is biologically impossible,” and former “transsexual” Alan Finch has said that you “fundamentally can’t change sex…. Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists,” to name just a few joining him.

The kicker is that as many as 88 percent of girls and 98 percent of boys who are “gender” (sexual-status) confused will naturally outgrow the phase; many “transsexuals” regret having chosen surgical sexual mutilation; and, according to Dr. McHugh, the suicide rate for those who have chosen it rises to 20 times that of comparable peers.

In reality, sexual-mutilation surgeries are the lobotomies of our time, brought to us by the same psychiatric establishment. “Transgender” is not a scientific designation, but a political one.

And because so much today is political and not rational is why plastic straws and vaping may be banned, while child-abusing quacks are allowed to commit body-rending malpractice with impunity.

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