“Provocateur” Laura Loomer Scores GOP Primary Win for House Seat in Florida

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“Provocateur” Laura Loomer Scores GOP Primary Win for House Seat in Florida

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Right-wing activist and perpetually banned Internet personality Laura Loomer won the Republican primary in Florida’s 21st Congressional District on Tuesday. Loomer scored 42.5 percent of the vote and handily defeated challengers Christian Acosta (25.2 percent) and Michael Vilardi (12.5 percent).

Loomer will now go on to face incumbent Lois Frankel in a David-versus-Goliath attempt to win the heavily Democrat district. Florida’s 21st district contains Palm Beach, where President Trump maintains his Mar-a-Lago residence.

Trump — who had stopped short of endorsing Loomer — congratulated her on Twitter: “Great going Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!”

Among those who did endorse Loomer was Infowars host Alex Jones, with whom Loomer used to work, and Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, who defended Loomer at a fundraiser earlier this month. “When we find folks who they try to disappear or silence because they choose to speak out, we need to have their back. And that’s why I’m proud to endorse Laura Loomer for Congress,” Gaetz said.

Loomer is well known for being “the most banned woman in the world,” as she has been removed from every major social-media platform for a variety of stunts, reporting, and “hate speech” that have landed her on the Silicon Valley thought police’s most-wanted list.

Among her high-profile adventures:

• During the 2016 general election, Loomer went to a polling station dressed in a burqa and asked for a ballot under the name of Hillary Clinton advisor Huma Abedin.

• In June of 2017, Loomer attended a Chelsea Clinton book-signing in New York and requested that Clinton sign a copy of her book She Persisted — a book about women who changed the world — to Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Chelsea Clinton’s father, former President Bill Clinton, of rape.

• Later that same June, Loomer interrupted the farcical Shakespeare in the Park presentation of Julius Caesar, where the performer who portrayed Caesar was a Trump doppelgänger. After the character was assassinated, Loomer stormed the stage and shouted, “Stop the normalization of political violence against the right! This is unacceptable!” Loomer was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

• In 2019, Loomer jumped the fence to Nancy Pelosi’s California estate and set up a caravan sanctuary tent on the speaker of the House’s property. She did so in order to protest Pelosi’s opposition to President Trump’s border wall.

Loomer is a Jewish woman, and a strong defender of the State of Israel and President Trump. She has worked for Project Veritas, Infowars, and Rebel Media. She proudly calls herself a nationalist and believes that unchecked immigration is a serious threat to the American way of life.

Is it any wonder that the leftists in Silicon Valley and the mainstream media don’t like her?

Once she was banned from pretty much every platform, Loomer decided that the only way to change the system that banned her was from within the halls of Congress.

“This is just one of the battles we will have to win, because we are in a war!” Loomer told supporters. “We can’t let them change America; we can’t let them stifle free speech, or there is no United States of America, no American exceptionalism.”

Loomer touted her position as a political outsider, akin to President Trump. “I do not work for the GOP leadership, the establishment or Washington elitists…. I am not bought and paid for!” she said. “I am not one of them. I am one of you!”

She has strong words for her Democrat opponent: “My opponent would rather your business be shut down than for you to be able to feed your family,” Loomer said. “Frankel is a creature of the swamp who has lost sight of her constituents’ needs and priorities.”

“I believe in the Bill of Rights and will fight for it every day,” Loomer said, then told the crowd, “Thank you for nominating me to represent the Republican Party in November. And by the grace of God, and with your help, I’m going to win!”

Loomer has a long hill to climb to win an overwhelmingly Democrat congressional district. Even so, such journeys begin with small steps. The firebrand conservative took a big step yesterday.

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