Portland Police Battle Reds Again. Revolutionaries Bring Guillotine to Riot

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Portland Police Battle Reds Again. Revolutionaries Bring Guillotine to Riot

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The Red rioters who attacked a police station in Portland on Friday attempted to assault another law-enforcement building last night.

Cops arrested 14 of the leftist goons, who changed their target, but not their tactics. The black-bloc raiders came prepared for battle with helmets and other gear, then tossed eggs, rocks, and glass bottles at police.

But they also brought a chilling warning of what was to come if they get control of the city: They set up a mock guillotine.

Rocks and Paintball guns

The trouble began when an army of 250 gathered at the city’s Normandale Park and marched south to attack the Penumbra Kelly building.

“Many participants in the march carried hardened shields, helmets, armor, gas masks, and wore all black clothing,” the official police report says.

One of the Reds tagged an air unit with a green laser, an increasingly frequent tactic meant to blind police. The laser attack might not only disorient a pilot, the report says, but also might permanently damage his eyes.

The Reds don’t care.

The building is a frequent target, the report says. Attacks there have included “assaults on officers, commercial grade fireworks detonated, fires set, threats to burn down the building, and vandalism.”

Cops stationed themselves ahead of the dangerous mob and stopped them from crossing over Interstate 84, the report says:

As officers were getting set up on the Northeast 47th Avenue overpass, four vehicles approached the officers and refused orders to move. The officers had to set up their line right in front of the cars. So to prevent the danger presented by the vehicles, a sergeant deflated two tires on one of the vehicles. The other vehicles then complied with orders to leave.

Police warned the leftist mob to move away or be faced with arrest and crowd-control weapons such as tear gas.

The warning was futile: “Individuals in the crowd threw rocks, eggs, and glass bottles in the direction of the officers. There were no injuries. The sound truck was also targeted by individuals. It was struck by eggs and rocks.”

Though the crowd dispersed and returned whence they came, another mob later assembled at the same spot. Again, police warned the mob to stay away from the property, and police themselves “stayed back a significant distance in the parking lot in an attempt to deescalate the situation,” the report says.

That’s when the Red army let the people of Portland know what was coming if they prevail and take over the city:

Someone rolled a mock guillotine with a stuffed bear into the street. The bear and multiple U.S. flags were burned. Paint balloons were launched at officers, as well as green lasers.

After a sound truck “asked the group to stay peaceful or it would be declared an unlawful assembly,” the report says, “almost immediately eggs and paintballs landed in the area of the officers.”

Cops did indeed declare an unlawful assembly after the brazen assault and ordered the violent mob to disperse or face a retaliatory strike, the report says.

The warning did not dissuade the All-Cops-Are-Bastards mob, and once again, some disguised themselves as members of the media:

At 11:45 p.m., officers began to push the crowd to the west. Rocks, bottles, and other hard objects were thrown at officers. One lieutenant was struck in [the] back of [the] head with a glass bottle. His helmet prevented him from being injured. A Portland Fire and Rescue Medic embedded with one of the squads was hit in the shin with a large rock. He suffered a minor laceration to the leg.

Police declared a riot a minute before midnight and warned the mob again, to no avail. The rioters pelted the sound truck with rocks and eggs and smashed the rear window of another police vehicle with a rock. “Numerous officers reported seeing individuals bearing ‘press’ insignia throwing rocks at them,” the report says, and “protesters lit traffic barricades, mattresses, a door, and other debris on fire.”

About 50 officers from different precincts battled the Reds, the report says, and the city fielded more than 120 calls for reports of “shots fired, assaults, alarms, threats, and suspicious circumstances.”

Most arrested face charges of interfering with a police officer.

Second Night of Rioting

On Friday, cops repelled an attack on a police precinct and arrested nine.

The unhinged goons vandalized police cars, attacked officers with rocks, tried to run cops over in a vehicle, and rolled a dumpster into a fire they had set in the middle of the street.

Cops declared that “protest” a riot as well.

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R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

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