PBR Series Part 3 – Learning about the bull athletes with Tiffany Davis

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PBR Series Part 3 – Learning about the bull athletes with Tiffany Davis (0:16)


Today we speak with Tiffany Davis. She is married to world champion bull rider Jerome Davis. The couple has a ranch in Archdale N.C. where they raise bulls as well as housing and training bulls for outside partners.
Tiffany is a very strong advocate for animal welfare and she will explain for us the love, care and overall treatment the bulls in this sport receive.
The bull riders that ride these huge bovine athletes are world famous. Most everyone has heard of Ty Murray, Justin McBride, and J.B. Mauney but the bulls are just as famous.
We have had great bovine stars in the PBR, names like Bodacious, Little Yellow Jacket, and Bushwacker to name just a few. In bull riding, it really is a competition between man and beast.


Keyshawn Whitehorse wins the Rookie of the Year during the fifth round of the World Finals PBR 25th anniversary Unleash the Beast. Photo credit must be given on all use; Photo by Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media
These bulls are big and mean and are a force to be reckoned with. But did you know that some of them are like a family pet to their owners? These bulls are raised from babies and if it is in their bloodline they will love to buck.
There are a lot of misconceptions and myths that circulate around bull riding. People are quick to say that it is cruel to ride the bulls and make them buck etc. From what I know and have observed with my own eyes nothing could be further from the truth. Today we talk about this and much more.


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