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PBR Bull Rider Tragically Killed During Recent Colorado Event

January 17, 2019 By Pat Smiles

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PBR Bull Rider Tragically Killed During Recent Colorado Event

Mason Lowe a 25-year-old bull rider who was ranked 18th in the world, died this Tuesday at the Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

Lowe was riding a bull named Hard Cash when he was bucked off at the last second. Lowe was attempting to get up when the bull’s left hind leg came down and hit Lowe in the chest. Even though Lowe was wearing his protective vest the injury turned fatal and he suffered a massive chest injury.

The vests are designed with material inside that helps disperse the weight but in this case, “ Mason took a shot that was- that no vest probably would have helped” said Sean Gleason PBR CEO.

This weekend at PBR Velocity Tour and Unleash The Beast events, riders will wear a special patch to remember one of the tour’s most popular and promising stars.  CBS, CBS Sports Network and RidePass will run a special tribute to Mason in immediate upcoming broadcasts as well.

“The loss of Mason is devastating to us all,” said Sean Gleason, CEO, PBR. “Our thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences are with his family and wife Abbey. Right now we’re focusing on easing their pain and supporting them during this very difficult time.”

PBR’s first priority is assisting and supporting the Lowe family as well as making sure the league appropriately honors and remembers Lowe at the event tonight and moving forward, Gleason said.

“Our entire rodeo family and every member of the Stock Show community is saddened by the loss of bull rider Mason Lowe,” said Paul Andrews, National Western Stock Show President, and CEO. “Our hearts and thoughts are with the Lowe family, his fellow bull riders and the entire PBR organization. The National Western Stock Show and the PBR will have a tribute tonight in honor of Mason.”

Fans returned to Denver Coliseum Wednesday night and paid tribute to Mason Lowe. A video showed that highlighted Lowe’s career and accomplishments of the last 7 years. Luke Snyder, a good friend of Lowe and also a PBR bull rider said,” That’s what you have to accept because it’s not tiddlywinks or anything. It’s a dangerous – very dangerous sport. But the friends that you make and the places that you see and the satisfaction and the feeling of success you get after doing that, Mason got to feel that. And that feeling is something that you can’t replace and a lot of people may never feel.”

There is a fundraiser set up by The National Western Stock Show and the PBR to help support Lowe’s wife and family.

Fans can make donations online HERE.

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