Paging Beijing Biden: Chinese State Media Says COVID Can be Used to Beat Trump

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Paging Beijing Biden: Chinese State Media Says COVID Can be Used to Beat Trump

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Well, it’s obvious who the despotic Chinese government wants as our next president, and his initials are not D.J.T. Joe Biden is their man, a reality made clear by a China Global Television Network (CGTN) propaganda video essentially stating that the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic can be used to defeat President Trump.

Despite Beijing having visited the virus upon the world, government-mouthpiece CGTN shamelessly writes under its video, titled “Can COVID-19 beat populism?” that the “current — once-in-a-century — pandemic is a test. And most of the populist leaders have failed it.”

Just coincidentally, perhaps, the “populist” leaders mentioned — Trump, Britain’s Boris Johnson, and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro — all just happen to robustly oppose China’s imperialist designs.

CGTN then concludes its summary with, “COVID-19 might be another straw on the camel’s back to expose their [the populist leaders’] hollow politics: they thrive on imagined threats, but cannot solve real ones.”

The actual issue, of course, is that Trump in particular — and he is the video’s main target — has been trying to solve the real problem that is China, by far the world’s biggest geopolitical threat.

“The video [below] confirms Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s insistence that China has leveraged coronavirus to its benefit,” writes the National Pulse.

“The Mail reports that Sec. Pompeo ‘used a visit to London to outline a vision for a global coalition to counter the communist regime as he accused its leadership of exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to further its own interests,’” the site continues.

The Pulse correctly points out that what really disturbs China is Trump’s proactivity, not his populism, “hollow” or otherwise. A good example is how the president restricted travel from China in January already, a move bringing accusations of “racism” from leftists in politics and media. Why, Biden not only called Trump racist, but also vowed to “end” pandemic-related bans.

(Apparently, it’s okay to capriciously shut down American small businesses and churches and restrict citizens’ freedom, but perish the thought that foreigners should be inconvenienced.)

Interestingly, Beijing had also called Trump’s language “racist and xenophobic” (after the president called SARS-CoV-2 the “Chinese virus”). As a top commenter under the CGTN video quipped, “It’s obvious where Democrats and the main stream media get their talking points.”

And the irony is thick in CGTN’s alternate-universe video. For example, it condemns Trump for blaming the pandemic on others, such as the World Health Organization and China. It even quotes a WHO official who complained that their “warnings” issued “very, very early on” were ignored.

In reality, the WHO — which has been in China’s pocket — claimed very, very early on that the disease couldn’t be spread person-to-person. This was likely due to misinformation from Beijing itself, which initially suppressed truth about the virus after Chinese incompetence allowed it to escape from a government lab in Wuhan.

Moreover, what transpired after the virus’s release might have been far more malevolent, as Chinese president Xi Jinping might have purposely infected the world, the Diplomat theorized in April.

Remember that Xi is the man who “produced the greatest program of ethnic cleansing in the world today,” the site reminded us. “He has curtailed freedoms in China severely and is the father of the panopticon state. His incessant military buildup threatens neighbors while using economic and other subversive means to erode the sovereignty of countries around the world.”

We, therefore, “should not assume it was beyond his imagining to withhold a degree of support from the international community to ensure that China would not suffer [the disease] alone,” the Diplomat continues.

Then there’s what we can be sure of: Beijing wants the American establishment — which for decades has been selling us out to China — back in charge.

And Biden is its man.

As I reported in the March piece “Joe Biden, the Manchurian Virus Candidate”:

There’s a reason why Forbes wrote last summer that “Joe Biden Is The Only Man Who Can Save China In 2020” and why the “announcement of his campaign alone was enough to encourage Beijing suddenly to take a harder line on trade negotiations with the Trump administration,” as Senator Tom Cotton recently wrote at National Review. It’s that unlike “many other Democrats, he takes its side, reliably,” writes Cotton. (Certain other Democrats take China’s side only unreliably.)

For example, as senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the ‘90s, Biden made sure China got most-favored-nation trade status and World Trade Organization membership (the latter in 2001). “Wherever a brake might have been applied — by placing human-rights or labor conditions on most-favored-nation status, for example — Biden voted the measures down and lobbied other senators for Beijing,” Cotton informs. “Unfortunately, China and Biden got their way, and American workers are still suffering from it.”

According with this is that “Biden Inc.,” as Politico put it last year, was very good at monetizing China Joe’s vice presidency. Below is a March Fox Business video on financial links between Biden’s son Hunter and Beijing.

This coziness with Beijing was pursued despite China being, as I warned in 2014, “the Next Evil Empire.” And it’s why that nation has been able to steal our manufacturing base and technology and why we’re now reliant on Beijing for sensitive components used in our weapons systems.

We’re also dependent upon China for our pharmaceuticals, including an estimated 95 percent of our antibiotics. Oh, and note here that Beijing had threatened earlier this year to cut off our medication and intensify the pandemic — to kill us, in other words.

Additionally, Beijing censors our moviesbullies American businesses into spouting its propaganda, and manipulates our schools’ curricula via its Confucius Institutes. Yet China Joe is still minimizing the threat the imperialist power poses (video below).

So it’s no wonder Beijing wants Biden and has just created what is, in essence, a campaign commercial for him. China wants to hang the globalists by selling us the dope.


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