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Next Wave HiveMind: Total Control

Most people in the world today know that manipulation of man has been underway for decades and that Mind Control is a fact of life in this day and age. The only issue most people have not figured out yet is how we are manipulated exactly or how does the system they use works on us. Today we dive once again into the #HiveMind of what was developed to control and manipulate Mankind.

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8727-631 News

Not Okay: Law School Expels Student for Posting “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE” Flyers

20170222_ADM_CPAC-2017_twitter_header-img News

Trump’s Reelection Prospects Continue to Brighten

ExxonMobil operation near Chicago, IL, summer of 2014 News

ExxonMobil Wins Climate-change Accounting Case Against the State of New York

Biden-says-2020-White-House-bid-still-on-the-table News

Biden: I Don’t Have to Obey a Subpoena to Testify at Trump’s Impeachment Because I’m Honest, and Everyone Says So

48605288931_ceb11e92cd_b News

Would Biden Seek a Second Term as President? Depends on Whom He’s Talking To

960x0 News

Lisa Page Sues FBI & DOJ, Demands Reimbursement for “Therapy”

434398_8840804072_b News

Is it Jaw-Jaw or War With Iran?

Doctor_consults_with_patient_(7) News

U.K. Doctor Investigated for Praying With Patients Cleared

49175190396_de1c76736c_b News

UN Climate Activists Funded by Russia and Rockefeller Mock Trump

Hillary_Clinton_AIPAC_2016 News

New Poll: Democrats’ Favorite Candidate Is … Hillary Clinton?

democrats News

A Brokered Dem Convention Could Be Coming. If So, Who Would Be Chosen?

vq News

Banned by UN, Real Journalists Speak Out – Video

Obama_Health_Care_Speech_to_Joint_Session_of_Congress News

Impeachment Articles Set, but Some Dems Just Want to “Censure” Trump

6322480339_f3d3a72cba_b News

The Continuing Resolution of Congress Is an Opportunity for Reform

2000px-Flag_of_Iran.svg News

Iran Reported to be Developing Nuclear Capable Missiles in Violation of JCPOA

14626480810_6a9ea33b26_b News

Trump and Those Pesky “Debunked Conspiracy Theories”


Giuliani Meets With Ukraine Lawmaker Who Says Biden Took Burisma Cash

49154110557_30b8cec8aa_b News

Skeptics Bring Science to UN; Democrats and Alarmists Ignore It

USS_SHAW_exploding_Pearl_Harbor_Nara_80-G-16871_2 News

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not

Photo By: Ralph Alswang Photographer 202-487-5025  PLEASE CREDIT PHOTO: Ralph Alswang News

Michael Bloomberg Makes Radical Anti-gun Push; Blames Trump for Shootings

flag_american_w_christian_cross News

Separation of Truth and State? Why the Church Must be in Politics

Series I: How The U.S. Constitution was Createdview all

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