Why Is Communism Evil?

Ex CIA officer Brad Johnson - video series

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18-0227 Shoot From The Heart News

Diane Bell – Like a Patron Saint of Indi Filmmakers

Arthritis caused by???? The Balance in Fitness

E22. Arthritis Common & Why? TCM on Flu Season

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Wally Byam and the Airstream

Islamic_Protest_in_Hyde_Park,_Sydney_01 News

Radical Islamic Ideology in the United Nations – Video

welcome-to-vt-1 News

Bernie Sanders’ Hometown Passes Proposal to Let Non-citizens Vote

Untitled design (4) News

White House Lawyer to Democrat Lynch Mob: Trump Won’t Cooperate

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Lights Out: Massive Power Shut Down in California Triggers Conspiracy Theories

16276244490_e4bd1ff5c0_b News

Biden Campaign to New York Times: Drop the Biden-Burisma Coverage

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Are Black Holes Really Made of Dark Energy?

28736470374_f9fbe46dfe_b News

Trump Dares “Crooked Hillary” To Run. Hillary: “I Can Beat Him Again.”

PTU_on_guard China Unscripted

#46 Are Hong Kong Protests Too Violent? | China Unscripted

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Australian Leader Slams Globalism … Sort Of

flag-of-turkey-3036191_960_720 News

Trump to Move U.S. Troops Out of Way of Turkish Incursion Into Syria

princ_rm_photo_of_gouty_foot_with_acid_crystals News

10 Principles and Dietary Habits for Prevention and Management of Gout

The-Rise-and-Fall-of-The-New-52_-What-Went-Wrong_-1-1-screenshot-950x550 News

Our Favorite Superheroes and the Lessons We Learn From Them

48843247412_1115a377c5_c News

Impeachment Threat Driving Record Contributions to Trump and RNC

Donald Trump, Robert C. O'Brien, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Kelly Craft News

Impeachment Might Backfire if Trump Calls Bidens, Clinton, Top Democrats To Testify

united-nations-419885_960_720 News

One Green World Under the UN? CFR Globalists Push UN Global Pact for the Environment

Capture News

How Communist Criminals Hide Behind UN Immunity – Video

mysterious and magical photo of gold king crown over the stone covered with moss in the England woods or field landscape with light flare. Medieval period concept Basecamp For Men

Basecamp for Men: E24 Awakening the Inner King

map-1020204__340 News

Population Replacement: As Migrants Swamp Sweden, Swedes Start Fleeing

HOW-TO-STOP-BAD-EATING-HABITS-4-34-screenshot-950x550 News

So You Think You Know: Some Nutrition and Health Myths

xian-70-years-prc-950x550 News

Communist China’s 70th Anniversary Might Be Its Last

A quantum processor semiconductor chip is seen connected to a circuit board. // Thin aluminum wires are connected from surface of the semiconductor chip to pads on the circuit board, which allows users to perform electrical control and readout of the device by sending and receiving electrical signals during experiments. They fabricate the device by patterning and depositing metal gates on a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure chip. The metal gates are designed to be able to trap individual electrons in the semiconductor. They send electrical signals down to the device and change the voltage on the metal gates to perform various controls of the electrons. They also receive electrical signals from the device to help monitor the electrons' behavior. // Assistant professor of physics John M. Nichol is photographed in his lab in Bausch & Lomb Hall along with PhD students Yadav Kandel and Haifeng Qiao September 10, 2019. The group has a paper that will be published in Nature later this month. Nichol's research brings scientists one step closer to creating a fully functional quantum computer, a type of computer that operates on the principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum computers will be able to perform complex calculations, factor extremely large numbers, and simulate the behaviors of atoms and particles at levels that classical computers (like the laptops and desktop computers we use in our everyday lives) cannot. This could lead to new energy sources, new drug therapies, faster database searches, and  code-breaking techniques.
One of the challenges to creating an efficient quantum computer is figuring out how to transfer information and correct errors within a quantum system. This is where Nichol's new research comes in. Nichol and his colleagues at Purdue University demonstrated a way to transfer the quantum state of one electron to another, without moving the electrons themselves. This is an important step in showing how information can be transmitted quantum-mechanically. News

Scientists Are One Step Closer to a Fully Functioning Quantum Computer

A_Peek_Into_Chinas_Food_Culture1 News

A Peek Into China’s Food Culture

Biden_Obama News

Biden Warns Fox: Trump Corruption Ad False, Don’t Run It. Facts: Ad Is Accurate

Untitled design (3) News

Reports: Whistleblower Is a Democrat and Former Obama Aide. Schiff Tweeted Ukraine Narrative in August

Meiling Lee The Balance in Fitness

E21. Flawed Diet Niches / Meet Meiling Lee

job-2860035_960_720 News

Strong Jobs Report Quashes Recession Fears

Untitled design (2) News

Warren, Zuckerberg At Odds Over Threat to Break Up Facebook

Podcast Interview Editor's pick