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Points of Control: Specter of Communism

Ever wonder about the two battling ideologies for the governmental rule of our world today? How did it come to be that we can only choose between 2 types? Today we explore what Communism’s Real Goal is for Mankind? Are Socialism and #Communism really an ideal government? And if so, then why in practice is it so problematic for the countries who adopt it.

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Deep State Insider Spills the Beans! | Behind the Deep State – VIDEO

4637857559_cbf380b06c_b News

Senate Republicans Ready to Seek Immediate Verdict if Democrats Try to “Hijack” Trial

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Psychoanalyst Explains That “Whiteness” Is a “Malignant and Parasitic-like Condition”

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Freeing the Web From Big Tech

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Canadian Teacher Shows Korean 6-year-olds Cannibalism Video; Faces Child-abuse Charges -VIDEO

Oblique_facade_2,_US_Supreme_Court News

In Advance of 2020 Election, Supreme Court to Hear Case of the “Faithless Elector”

alan dershowitz News

Dershowitz Reveals Case: Accusations in House Case Are Not Impeachable Offenses

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A Malicious Indictment Mitch Should Toss Out

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On National Religious Freedom Day, Trump Expands Religious Freedom

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9th Circuit Court of Appeals Dismisses “Children’s” Climate Lawsuit Against U.S. Government

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Lone Star State Blues? Ted Cruz Says Texas (and Thus the Presidency) in Play for Dems in 2020

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Harvard’s Plan for Total Leftist Power: Divide D.C. Into 127 States

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Antifa Group to March in Support of Gun Rights at Virginia Event

51967237_303 China Unscripted

#56 Taiwan’s Election A Defeat for China

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Liberals Still Using Libel to Advance Agenda

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Minimum Wage Hikes Take a Toll; Red Robin Announces Massive Layoffs

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What Would WWIII Do To America? | Behind the Deep State

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100th Anniversary of National Prohibition — What Are the Lessons?

VIDEO112 News

The “White” Identity Politics of the Left – VIDEO

1280px-The_Hague_Netherlands_OPCW-01 News

Syria Chemical Attack Was False Flag, WikiLeaks Drop Suggests

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Social Engineering Run Amok in the Department of Labor

Series I: How The U.S. Constitution was Createdview all

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