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Oregon Man Makes History In Lone Trek Across Antarctica

December 28, 2018 By Pat Smiles

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A Portland, Oregon man named Colin O’Brady, age 33, has finished a historical trek across the continent of Antarctica. He finished this Wednesday. He traveled 930 miles over 54 days as reported by AP. O’Brady did this alone without any support or re-supply along the way. A journey like this is extremely challenging as well as deadly. In 2016 a British explorer named Henry Worsley attempted the feat and failed, he died from exhaustion.

O’Brady started out on the trip with 400 lbs of gear that he pulled behind on a sled. He battled walking in frigid weather that fell below -20 degrees Celsius, 30 mph winds and in a complete whiteout. In his Instagram post-O’Brady wrote;

“ As I pulled my sled over this invisible line, I accomplished my goal: To become the first person in history to traverse the continent of Antarctica coast to coast solo, unsupported and unaided. While the last 32 hours were some of the most challenging hours of my life, they have quite honestly, been some of the best moments I have ever experienced.”

An English adventurer named Louis Rudd is also making this solo journey across Antarctica in competition with Colin O’Brady. The men have taken the trek in honor of Worsley.

O’Brady says he is waiting for Rudd to finish.


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