NYT Editor Tweeted Dislike of Jews, Indians

NYT Editor Tweeted Dislike of Jews, Indians

The New York Times is under fire again because of an editor’s tweets. This time, the culprit is Tom Wright-Piersanti, a senior staff editor who was quite voluble on Twitter about the Jews.

If one were to tweet Wright-Piersanti’s opinion it might go something like this: He doesn’t like them.

And he doesn’t much care for Indians, either, meaning Indians from India, not Apaches or Comanches, or, as he noted in his tweet, the Mohawks.

Wright-Piersanti is the second Timesman to come under fire in the last two weeks for imprudent commentary on Twitter. The newspaper demoted a deputy editor two weeks ago after he crossed swords with official victim groups.

Breitbart Exposé
Wright-Piersanti fell victim to some old-fashioned reporting by Breitbart.com, which revealed a number of his “anti-Semitic” tweets that he has since deleted.

Among the greatest hits were these:

• January 1, 2010: “I was going to say ‘Crappy Jew Year,’ but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic. So… HAPPY Jew Year. You Jews.”

• December 15, 2009, with a picture of a menorah: “Who called the Jew police.”

• December 8, 2009: “There are four Indian guys with mohawks in this one class, and each one is a douche in his own awful way. I hate mohawk Indians.”

Minutes later, Breitbart reported, Wright-Piersanti clarified his opinion to ensure that American Indians didn’t think he hated them: “I don’t hate Mohawk Indians, though. I love those guys. I just hate Indians with mohawks. Different Indians, different mohawks.”

The Mohawks were indubitably thankful for that clarification, but in any event, he continued.

• December 5, 2008: “Want to see dozens of Indian girls grind all over each other? Go to the Golden Rail Pub in New Brunswick, NJ”

• November 24, 2009: “Two high-voiced Indian guys keep calling each other ‘dawg’ and they aren’t doing it as a joke. F**k THAT s**t.”

And Breitbart reported, “Wright-Piersanti also had insensitive things to say about red-headed Americans” on December 22, 2009: “Oh my god … ginger is an anagram of the N-word. No wonder it hurts so much to be called one…”

It took a while, but the Times finally responded to Breitbart’s revelations: “We are aware of these tweets, which are a clear violation of our standards,” a Times spokesman told The Wrap. “We are reviewing next steps.”

Wright-Piersanti tweeted that he deleted the “offensive” tweets and was “deeply sorry.”

After that, Breitbart reported, he blocked access to his Twitter feed.

Reaction to the Breitbart report was swift.

Jewish Organizations and Representative Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) called for Wright-Piersanti’s firing, while commentator Charlie Kirk tweeted the obvious:

A senior editor at the @nytimes tweeted:

“One of my resolutions this year is to be less anti-Semitic”

They also had to stop running political cartoons because they couldn’t help being anti-Semitic

Yet they’ve decided to spend the next 2 years attacking Trump for racism?

White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told the website that Wright-Piersanti will likely get away with the tweets given the Times’s campaign against President Trump

“I am disgusted but not surprised by this latest revelation out of the New York Times,” Grisham told Breitbart. “Will there be consequences? Doubtful. The New York Times is too busy weaponizing journalism to harass this President and the people who work for him to bother holding their own people accountable.”

Editor Demoted
The revelation that the Times employs an editor who is openly hostile to Jews and Indians is the third scandal this month.

On August 13, the newspaper demoted James Weisman, a deputy editor in its bureau in Washington, D.C., whose tweets showed “serious lapses in judgment.”

Weisman’s crime was observing that certain congressman don’t really represent the regions in which their districts are located.

“Saying @RashidaTlaib (D-Detroit) and @IlhanMN (D-Minneapolis) are from the Midwest is like saying @RepLloydDoggett (D-Austin) is from Texas or @repjohnlewis (D-Atlanta) is from the Deep South,” Weisman wrote. “C’ mon.”

Tlaib is the child of Palestinian immigrants, Ilhan Omar is a Somali Muslim refugee, and Doggett and Lewis are black.

On August 5, the Times beclowned itself when it changed a headline, which accurately described President Trump’s speech after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, because unhinged leftists raged on Twitter that they expected the Times to peddle their anti-Trump party line.

Last year, the Times hired an angry Asian editorialist who wrote multiple anti-white tweets, but reneged on hiring a writer who wrote or retweeted “anti-gay” or “racial slurs.”