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North Dakota Farmer Plows Message of Support to Trump In Field

January 14, 2019 By Pat Smiles

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North Dakota Farmer Plows Message of Support to Trump In Field

A retired 78 yr old midwestern farmer has used his resources at hand to show his support for President Trump by plowing “ Build The Wall” in his snow filled field. The size of his property is bigger than two football fields.

His name is Gene Hanson and he lives in the town of Edgeley, North Dakota. Hanson plowed his message in his field after the president’s Prime-Time address to the nation from the Oval Office. He told Fox News in a message, “ President Trump, stand your ground and get-r-done!”

It was discovered that this is not the first time Hanson took to his field to send a message to the nation. In 2017, after some of the NFL players knelt during the National Anthem, Hanson went out to his field and plowed “We Stand For The National Anthem.” This was seen by President Trump who mentioned him in a tweet. “Thank you Gene Hanson–A GREAT American and Farmer who is standing up for our flag, our anthem and our country!”

At Christmas time instead of using his plow, Hanson borrowed some of his neighbors cows and herded them together to form a sign of the cross. Hanson said that people who stopped and got to see the form remarked, “Holy Cow!”


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