Nigel Farage: Black Lives Matter Is a “New Taliban”

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Nigel Farage: Black Lives Matter Is a “New Taliban”

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Nigel Farage, leader of Britain’s Brexit Party, compared Black Lives Matter to the Taliban after the group tore down a statue of a local historical figure and vandalized several others.

In Briston, U.K., on Sunday, vandals associated with the left-wing group brought down the statue of 17th-century parliamentarian and philanthropist Edward Colston due to his ties to slavery.

After taking the victorian statue from its plinth, the mob painted it red and ran it through the streets before pushing it into the harbor. All the while, police merely looked on without interfering.

A Bristol police superintendent asserted that the police’s decision to let the rioters freely wreak havoc was a “tactical decision,” because “further disorder” would have been caused by their intervention. The superintendent also claimed he did not want any tension, adding that “the right thing to do was just to allow it to happen.”

Farage took to Twitter to condemn the vandalism, writing that the incident marked the birth of a “new form of the Taliban.”

A new form of the Taliban was born in the UK today. Unless we get moral leadership quickly our cities won’t be worth living in.

— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) June 7, 2020

Farage’s remarks harkened back to the Taliban’s penchant for historical censorship. The Afghani political organization imposed its Islamic fundamentalist culture upon ascending to power, in part, by eliminating traces of pre-Islamic history, such as the world’s tallest-standing Buddhas. The Islamic State likewise destroyed statues in Palmyra, Syria.

Guy Verhofstadt, the former prime minister of Belgium and a current member of the European Parliament, lauded Black Lives Matter’s vandalism, saying Europeans must atone for their history of “exploitation and mass murder.”

This, despite the fact that Colston has traditionally been regarded for his philanthropic efforts, founding schools, hospitals, and almshouses. Now, however, the radical Left views this historical figure — as it does all historical figures — merely through the lens of racism, condemning him for making money through the slave trade.

To build a future of equal rights & justice, it is necessary for Europeans to look at their past and practices of exploitation & mass murder. Glad that no one is asking for #Colston to be put back. #BlackLivesMatter

— Guy Verhofstadt (@guyverhofstadt) June 8, 2020

The curious thing about social-justice groups such as Black Lives Matter is that they seem to believe that slavery and related ills were exclusive to white Europeans, as though no other race of people ever practiced slavery, committed genocide, or conquered foreign nations. In fact, even the most casual reader of history would know that such practices have been the norm among all cultures through the ages.

But where are the calls to tear down the pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China? After all, they were built with slave labor.

It should be no surprise, however, that BLM isn’t well-versed in history. The group’s actions make clear that its members wouldn’t be able to pass so much as an elementary school-level history test.

Take, for example, the other statues targeted. The parliament statues of Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi were also vandalized over the weekend. Lincoln, the man credited for freeing the slaves in America, and Gandhi, a non-white man known for combatting English colonialism, are apparently not “woke” enough for the BLM crowd.

But mere ignorance is insufficient to explain the group’s actions. The ground soldiers may simply follow orders, defacing public property without stopping to think through irony of their targets, but the higher-ups in the organization have a determined end goal: Completely destroying the social fabric of their nations and of Western civilization.

That’s why on the 76th anniversary of D-Day, BLM activists vandalized the Cenotaph war memorial on Whitehall in London and on Sunday tried to burn the flags adorning the monument.

For Marxists, every year is Year Zero. The aim of Black Lives Matter and social justice in general is to brand every aspect of Western civilization “racist” in order to justify tossing it all out — the history, the culture, the traditions, the values — and replace it instead with a new social, cultural, and religious order, one founded in atheistic, totalitarian socialism.

Later on Good Morning Britain, Farage took aim at BLM’s anarchistic tactics, making the case that a mob cannot go around tearing down any statue it doesn’t like.

Asked why it’s justified for Germans to take down statues of Adolf Hitler but wrong for BLM to take down the statue of Colston, Farage succinctly replied: “Because they did it as a violent mob making their own decision of what they thought was right and wrong.”

Mob rule is incompatible with freedom, which is why the radical Left is so intent on promoting it.

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