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Space War: Chinese Whitepaper Reveals Real Intentions and Destructive Plans

Space is increasingly becoming the new battleground and China is planning to dominate it. The People’s Liberation Army recently released a whitepaper report that outlines its space war plans.

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Trump Announces New Tariffs, Covering Almost All Chinese Exports

On Aug. 1, the day after U.S. and Chinese trade officials met in Shanghai to restart talks, U.S. President Donald Trump said via Twitter that his administration would impose new tariffs on US$300 billion worth of Chinese goods.

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Toxic Jade Jewelry from China Can Kill

You spent a lot of money on this beautiful piece of precious stone, but did you know that toxins within jade jewelry can kill you? While you wear it, the jade releases poisonous elements, namely radioactive carcinogens, into your skin and body.

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The Numerous Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Extracted from the peels of sweet oranges, orange essential oil has a fruity aroma that brings about a relaxing feeling in people. In some cases, the oils are also derived from the twigs and leaves of orange plants. Over the centuries, the oil has been used in aromatherapy and is believed to be good for organs like the heart, brain, and stomach.

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Want a Job in the Confucius Institutes? It Depends on How Loyal You Are

In Confucius Institutes, a job as a teacher of Chinese culture not only requires knowledge about the subject but also love for the “motherland.” The rule was first issued in 2016 by the Confucius Institute headquarters in Beijing and has been mandatory ever since.

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7 Characteristics to Ensure Good Fortune

Thirty percent destiny, seventy percent hard-work” is the Chinese saying about the factors that determine a person’s fortune. Everyone was born with a different destiny. As for your fortune, it’s partially due to inborn factors, but it is mostly determined by self-cultivation.

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Google Is Committing Treason: Peter Thiel

Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel has accused Google of siding with the Chinese military. A Facebook board member, Thiel asked that Google be federally investigated. Known as one of the few Trump supporters in Silicon Valley, Thiel’s accusations have put a spotlight on Google activities in China, some of which are not in America’s

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Trade War Updates: New US Legislation to Counter China’s Rare Earth Hostage Tactic

The United States is currently in a vulnerable spot when it comes to the possibility of China weaponizing rare earth minerals in the on-going trade war. As a way to combat China’s move, Sen. Marco Rubio introduced a new bill to Congress.

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Pros and Cons of Staying at a Sonder* – Summer Vacation Stays

Sonder. It’s a new, hip place to stay while on vacation and it’s changing the hotel industry. Imagine staying in a hotel that feels like a home. It’s the perfect marriage–the feel and amenities of a hotel with the spaciousness of an Airbnb. That’s a Sonder!

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My Experience at a Data Science Summer Camp

My experience at Fei Tian College-Middletown was a great, memorable one. This was my first sleepover and my first out of state camp. I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in data science or just wants to touch up on their skills and learn from experts. The camp was for high schoolers to college, but it was mostly dominated by those in college

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