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Virginia Dems Aim to Criminalize “Tactical Training.” A Trap for Gun Owners?

Virginia Democrats have put forth a bill that would strengthen current state law against “paramilitary” activity by criminalizing assemblies of persons with firearms.

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Some Democrats Reluctant to Support Impeachment

Two Democratic members of the House of Representatives, Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, voted against a resolution passed on October 31 calling for an inquiry into the impeachment of President Trump. And — as was noted in an article posted by The New American on November 25 — “an increasing number of Democrats in swing districts are getting ‘cold feet’ about going through with an impeachment vote on President Donald Trump.”

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Intellectual Dark Web Professor Says Christianity Contrary to Values Needed to “Govern” Earth

“Christians are exclusionary,” is the common gripe, usually registered by those who’d exclude Christianity. “We need to govern the world with universal values,” is the appeal, usually issued by those who scoff at true universals. These ideas again came to the fore in a recent social media debate involving a man who, though enduring job termination due to political correctness, himself became politically correct.

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South Carolina Bill Would Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender

A bill filed in advance of the next legislative session would make gold and silver legal tender again in the state of South Carolina.

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Former Polish President: Burisma Hired Hunter Biden for His Last Name

The former president of Poland has confessed that Burisma Holdings hired Hunter Biden (shown) for one reason: He is former Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

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Mexico Stomps Feet Over Trump Pledge to Designate Cartels as Terrorists

Mexico has expressed opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump’s intention to designate drug cartels as terrorist organizations, with Mexican President Andrew Manuel Lopez Obrador asserting that his government is doing its part to fight organized crime.

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George Conway Accused of Being “Anonymous” — Replies, “I Wish”

Attorney George Conway denied rumors that he and his wife, Kellyanne, who serves as counselor to the president, are the mysterious author and self-described senior White House official known only as “Anonymous.”

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Black Friday Purchases Likely Up 4 Percent Over Last Year

By 10 a.m. Eastern time on Black Friday, consumers had already spent an estimated $150 billion. At that rate they will easily set a new record, with estimates approaching four percent ahead of last year’s record.

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Former Maryland Governor Has Unhinged Anti-Trump Meltdown in Washington Pub

Alcohol and politics are never a good mix. Perhaps this was the reason that former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D) threw a childish tantrum in the presence of acting Homeland Security Deputy Director Ken Cuccinelli. The incident took place at The Dubliner, an Irish pub in Washington, D.C.

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Campus Crackpots Attack Heather Mac Donald for “Hate Speech” Twice This Month

Twice this month, campus speech censors tried to shut down lectures by Heather Mac Donald, the conservative contrarian whose articles and books have exposed the lies behind the campus-rape and killer-cop myths.