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Producer and Consumer Prices Jumped in July Much More Than Expected

Prices for goods and services at both the producer and the consumer levels jumped far above forecasts in July. The CPI jumped 0.6 percent (an annual rate of more than seven percent — double the rate economists had predicted and the biggest monthly jump since 1991), while the PPI clocked in at 0.8 percent (an annual rate of nearly 10 percent).

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China Masses Missile Launchers Within Range of Taiwan

International news reports have shown satellite images of amphibious armored vehicles and mobile missile launchers of the People’s Liberation Army massing at military bases in China’s Eastern Theatre Command — in China’s coastal region. These movements place Chinese missiles within range of Taiwan.

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Flashback: Kamala Harris’ Ancestors Owned Slaves. Father Didn’t Care for Pot Wisecrack

Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden must not have run his vice-presidential pick, Senator Kamala Harris, by Black Lives Matter. If he had, the Marxist outfit might well have nixed her and ordered Biden to pick Karen Bass, the hard-left sympathizer who supported communist mass-murderer Fidel Castro and worked for the Venceremos Brigade, a front for Cuban intelligence.

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BLM Says “Looting Is Reparations” and Is Harmless Because “Businesses Have Insurance”

They call it closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. But Chicago has an interesting way of dealing with looters, who ransacked the city Sunday night. Don’t punish the miscreants sufficiently to deter the criminal behavior. Instead, close thruway exits and raise drawbridges — “shut down” the city’s downtown, in other words. Hmm, haven’t we seen a shut-down strategy used to address another problem just recently?

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Are Polls Statistical Laugh Tracks? – Video

Walter Cronkite said it best, “The media is not there to reflect public opinion; it’s there to shape it.” Daniel Natal talks with Dr. Duke about this and also discusses how we are moving into a technocracy. Citizens are surrounded with certain narratives that will, according to the technocrats, shape and inform their behaviors.

Black Man Executes Five-year-old White Boy in Front of His Sisters; National Media Ignore Story

It’s a shocking, unthinkable crime: A man rushes a five-year-old neighbor boy playing outside and shoots him in the head, fatally, in broad daylight. But here’s what’s just as shocking: The national media — which couldn’t give enough ink to the death of criminal George Floyd — apparently don’t find this story newsworthy. It could be because unlike in the Floyd case, the victim is white and his killer is black.

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Directing the Disorder

The whole world has gone insane and the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. At least it looks that way to any rational person surveying the escalating revolutions that have engulfed the planet in the year 2020. The revolutions to which we refer are the COVID-19 revolution and the Black Lives Matter revolution, which, combined, are wreaking unprecedented havoc and destruction — political, social, economic, moral, and spiritual — worldwide. As we will show, these two seemingly unrelated upheavals are very closely tied together, and are but the latest and most profound manifestations of a global revolutionary transformation that has been under way for many years. Both of these revolutions are being stoked and orchestrated by elitist forces that intend to unmake the United States of America and extinguish liberty as we know it everywhere.

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Black Lives Matter is a Marxist Group Backed by Billionaires | Behind the Deep State – video

In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the truth about Black Lives Matter: It is a Marxist group working to dismantle liberty, Christianity, family, society, private property, civilization, and the U.S. Constitution. It is also based on complete lies and fabrications. Do not let the name fool you. Indeed, the founders of BLM boast that they are Marxists. And when you boil down Marxism to its essence, it is Satanism, a complete repudiation of everything that God has called good. Their own website brags about their evil agenda to destroy the nuclear family and have the “village” take over child rearing while promoting LGBTQ+ extremism.

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New Jersey Principal Essentially Calls Students “Racist” for Waving Pro-police Flag

A New Jersey principal lacking principle has angered residents by calling a pro-police flag “racist” in a move that, via guilt by association, likewise tars the students who innocently waved it. In fact, outraged local parent Brian Nashel appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight last Friday, after having written a letter of complaint, to make this very point.

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Censoring Anti-Mask Billboards Backfires, Birch Society Freedom Message Sails On

“Freedom Is The Cure.” That’s the simple statement on a set of billboards that have been deemed too “controversial” by “the community,” causing a national advertising agency to take down two of the billboards in Spokane, Washington. The graphic element accompanying the text features a young woman holding up a white surgical mask and displaying a facial expression of contempt toward the object, which “health authorities” in cities, states, and other jurisdictions have ordered inhabitants to wear.