NATO’s Real Purpose

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NATO’s Real Purpose

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While the main topic of this posting is NATO, we want to point to the significance of Britain’s separation from the European Union. Brexit is important, not so much because of that nation’s departure and its effect on matters involving trade. The far more important consequence of Britain leaving the European Union is that the move establishes a brake on the steady drift of Europe into a European government supplanting the once sovereign states of Europe, followed by world government. With Britain leaving, other nations have begun to consider a similar path.

Though very few of Queen Elizabeth’s subjects are aware of a more important long-range purpose in creating the EU, the more significant goal of the pact is confirmed in the excellent 2005 book The Great Deception by Christopher Booker and Richard North, both British subjects. The two men have capably shown that the European Union’s true goal, starting with the creation of the six-nation coal and steel grouping soon after World War II, was always world government. What is now the European Union has been built step by step with a series of moves designed to cancel independence of EU nations and the steering of the entire bloc, as well as other “trading blocs,” into a new world order. Piece by piece and step by step, this world order is being built.

This same pattern is being played out with NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Born in 1949, its leaders claimed the pact was needed to block further Soviet advances in Europe where practically all of Eastern Europe’s nations had already been conquered and made part of a Soviet-ruled empire. If that were its real purpose, NATO should have closed its doors when the Soviet empire collapsed close to 30 years ago. Instead, NATO has grown and, as of 2019, it now involves 29 nations, many of which can hardly be classified as possessing any credential leading to being considered “North Atlantic.”

NATO began in 1949 when 12 nations formed the alliance. Always a subsidiary of the United Nations to whom it owes its very existence (see Articles 52-54 of the UN Charter), the pact requires all participants to consider an attack on any NATO member an attack on all NATO members. Heavily promoted at its founding by world government advocates John Foster Dulles (who admitted it being “a step in a political evolution”) and Dean Acheson (who claimed “it will strengthen the United Nations”), it drew opposition from Senator Robert Taft (R-Ohio) as a threat aimed at U.S. sovereignty. The Senate nevertheless ratified the pact with only 13 dissenting votes.

Among the list of NATO’s 29 member states sits the nation of Turkey. French President Emmanuel Macron recently questioned what NATO’s response might have been if Syria went to war against Turkey whose forces had recently attacked the Kurds. Good question, but it got no response from NATO officials who were relieved when the Syria-Turkey dustup ended.

There can be no doubt that from its creation 70 years ago, NATO was a step leading to world government. That’s what John Foster Dulles hinted at and Dean Acheson confirmed in 1949. The Senate should never have placed our nation in the pact. It continues as a path toward world government, and the United States should cease involvement in it at any level.

Let’s not join in any celebrations marking NATO’s 70th birthday. Instead, let’s reaffirm our nation’s commitment to independence by exiting the alliance that was created to destroy our nation’s independence. And turn the world over to the members of the Deep State.

John F. McManus is president emeritus of The John Birch Society.

Courtesy of The New American