My Experience at a Data Science Summer Camp

My Experience at a Data Science Summer Camp

By Sophia Lee – America Daily Youth Reporter

My experience at Fei Tian College-Middletown was a great, memorable one. This was my first sleepover and my first out of state camp. I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in data science or just wants to touch up on their skills and learn from experts. The camp was for high schoolers to college, but it was mostly dominated by those in college. 

Fei Tian College really brought in people who helped us be better at learning the computer programs Python and R, and who know how to best get into the field of data science. We had some of the best speakers flying in from across the world. We had a professor from Taiwan, a senior software engineer from Microsoft, a NASA ambassador, a UCLA professor, and more. They were all skilled in their level of expertise and could answer any questions we threw at them (and there were a lot). 


The food there was one of the things I also enjoyed. No, it was not your typical “camp” food that many other summer camps have. They made sure to have different dishes, so you’re not eating the exact same thing every day.

While the food is geared more towards Asian cuisine, they will sometimes include pizza or spaghetti. Fei Tian College’s cafeteria is a buffet style, so you can eat as much (or as little) as you want. Feel free to go for seconds if you really like the day’s food! 

While the data science camp may be considered expensive, the college really uses all the money to offer you the best. You spend practically the whole day at the campus from breakfast at 8:30 a.m. until dinner ends at 6:30 in the evening. Everyday, there are four lectures, each an hour and a half, with 20-30 minutes between classes. There is really no time to goof off and while the classes are definitely content heavy, you will always be learning. 

Fei Tian College Middletown Campus

I also believe that this camp will make you realize if you actually want to go into the field of data science or if you are just lured by the perks of being a data scientist. While this may sound boring (because school in summer, really?!), there are plenty of fun things to look forward too.

In the middle of the week, we got to travel to Manhattan to listen to presenters and take a tour at the McCann building. We got to apply all the lessons we learned to the real world and actually learn how data science is used for everything, even for Oreo’s advertising campaigns. Plus the McCann building is very pretty and unique. Each floor has its own theme and style. I think that the data science camp is definitely worth going to because you get so much benefits at the end of the week. 

Overall, I learned a lot from this experience. I had a lot of fun and got to know people I would have never talked too before this camp. I also got to learn how to use Python and R programs from experts. This experience was great and I definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking to go into the field.

Are you interested in data science? Comment down below what was the hardest part about learning it!

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