Modern-Day Eugenics and the Real Population Growth Crisis

Last year, population growth in the United States hit an 80-year low. As birth rates decline, infertility is increasing. It raises concerns that, as society ages, there won’t be enough young people to support the elderly. So what’s causing this population crisis? And is it something that was set in motion decades ago? Today we welcome back investigative journalist Corey Lynn from Corey’s Digs. She recently published a six-part series called “Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis.”

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  • Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist who is dedicated to the truth and exposing corruption. She covers topics the mainstream media seldom touches, and she always links back to her sources. You can find her work at
Baby Contest -- America Daily
Photograph shows Henry Beekman, Olga Cohen, and Marie Danager, winners of a “perfect baby contest” in New York, June 22, 1914.

The History of Eugenics in the United States

So you recently published a six-part series called “Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis.” I wanted to know why you decided to research this topic and if you can tell us about the history of Eugenics in the U.S.?

Corey Lynn: It’s something that I’ve been tracking for a while. Prior to this, I did a six-part series called “Measles, Masterminds & Millions,” that had to do with the vaccine industry… I wanted to pull together, bring together a lot of facts and put a timeline together so people can see how that whole industry works. And I intentionally did that one first because vaccines definitely play a role with Eugenics, as well as Planned Parenthood.

So with the Eugenics…I started with the timeline going literally back to the 1700’s, because it’s important to understand the history and the mindset of these scientists and what it was they were attempting to do and how they, over time, didn’t really stop doing it. They just changed the phrasing. So now it’s just called genetics or genomes or biotech. They changed the wording, but they’re still doing a lot of things that fall in line with Eugenics. — Corey Lynn

The Mindset Behind Eugenics

Francis Galton–Charles Darwin’s half-cousin–coined the term “Eugenics.” He advocated for selective breeding programs for humans.

Corey Lynn: So their whole thought process is we need to have a certain level of human beings on this planet. So if you are insane, mentally ill, or you have any kind of diseases, your IQ is low, you’re not intelligent enough, you are a criminal, or you have some form of physical disability, we don’t want to be breeding more of you. We need to step in and start controlling how this population grows.

They eventually passed through the Supreme Court a sterilization law that legalized sterilizing people. We sterilized over 60,000 people in this country. — Corey Lynn


Logo of the Second International Congress of Eugenics in 1921. (Public Domain)


What’s Causing Today’s Population Growth Crisis?

One of your sections is devoted to population control and the multiple ways they do it. So you said that male sperm count is down 50 percent in the last forty years. And you already mentioned that we had a historically low birth rate last year. Could you explain the different ways the population is being controlled?

Corey Lynn: One of the big ones is the HPV vaccine. There’s been a lot of documentation on this, even from scientists and lab tests, and I have that in there in this report. It’s caused sterilization to females. And it started out as a vaccine that was meant for females, and then they decided that males should get this as well, children. So I do believe that might have played a role with the males and the sperm count.

And look, I have documentation in here from 1968, the annual report from the Rockefeller Institute, where they are stating in their own words that, back then, that the pill and IUD were not enough. It wasn’t enough for the masses. And so they needed to come up with a vaccine delivery system, an anti-fertility vaccine. I mean, they say this stuff in their own words. — Corey Lynn

Corey Lynn: I also believe that there’s a lot of factors playing into our health. Health issues are off the chart over here, and I believe GMO’s are playing a role in that. I believe the geoengineering is playing a role in that. And once again, these same people that are involved in the health industry are involved in the environmental industry. So it’s this giant web, a circle of people with a lot of people underneath them. And then a lot of people underneath them just aren’t privy to that information.

Typhoid Vaccine -- America Daily
Dr. Schreiber of San Augustine giving a typhoid inoculation at a rural school, San Augustine County, Texas. April, 1943. (Photo by John Vachon for the United States Farm Security Administration/Public domain)

What Can We Do?

So I was wondering if there’s anything people can do to protect themselves from this population control agenda?

Corey Lynn: Well, I would say people need to start becoming more aware. They need to start paying attention, especially on a local level because that’s where they can take action. So they need to pay attention to legislation. Right now the vaccine industry is pushing hard to remove religious exemptions and medical exemptions and personal exemptions so that they are forcing mandatory vaccines. You know, talk to your children and find out what they’re being taught in school. There’s a lot of indoctrination going on in school. People really just need to start getting more involved in staying alert and staying observant and fighting back on some of this on a local level.

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