MAGA Couple Recall Pres. Trump’s Surprise Wedding Visit

It’s fitting that President Donald Trump crashed a Trump-themed wedding at his Bedminster Golf Club. The crowd loved it, and it was a dream come true for the Staten Island couple – Nicole Marie and PJ Mongelli – who are long-time Trump supporters.

They sent invitations to the President, but they weren’t sure if he would show up.

Today we hear from the newlyweds about President Trump’s surprise visit on their wedding day.

MAGA Couple Recall Pres. Trump’s Surprise Wedding Visit

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The Happy Couple

So how did you guys first meet and fall in love?

Nicole Mongelli: We’ve actually been friends for a very long time. Our community in Staten Island is very close-knit, so we always knew each other growing up. And about seven years ago we reached out to each other on Facebook, and we went out for coffee and that was really it. We’ve been together for seven years. We were engaged for two years. We actually got engaged at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster where we had our wedding. And then two years later we got married there.

A Special Venue

Why did you decide to get married at the Trump National Golf Club?

Nicole Mongelli: We’ve always been Trump supporters. Even before he announced that he was running for president, we always loved him as a businessman, as a hardworking American. He represents all of our traditional values as an American, and we’ve always loved him. And once he ran for president, we were so excited and we just supported him from day one.

When we realized he had a golf club that was not too far–it’s about 45 minutes from where we live–we took a ride there one day to just check it out, and we fell in love with it…and we realized that was the place where we would like to celebrate all these special occasions in our life….We actually were the first couple to be engaged there, which is kind of funny and special. — Nicole Mongelli

President Trump’s Surprise Visit

PJ and Nicole sent President Trump many invitations to their wedding, but they did not hear back and were not sure if he would be able to make it–making the surprise all the better.

Could you describe what it was like when President Trump first visited you at your wedding?

Nicole Mongelli: It was really an amazing experience…so this first room we were in was the bridal suite. It was a very small room. It was where myself and my bridal party were getting ready to come out and make our grand entrance. The door was closed, so President Trump was apparently knocking on the door. And we couldn’t even hear him knocking on the door because we were loud and crazy and, you know, celebrating. We didn’t even hear him knocking on the door. He had to tell my family members, my sister-in-law and my little cousin, he said, “Can you please open the door?” And they just looked at him like, oh my gosh. So my cousin opened the door for him and he just walked in the room and there he was.

We had no idea. It happened so fast. He came in and he said, “I heard there’s a beautiful bride in the room.” And I just asked him, “Please, Sir, can I hug you?” And he said, “Yes, you can hug me.” I was so happy I got to hug him. He told my husband that he was a great guy, that he was handsome, he had big strong shoulders. He [President Trump] was really personable, and he was really very kind and sweet. — Nicole Mongelli

The Groom’s Take

What did you say to President Trump?

PJ Mongelli: I thanked him for what he was doing. I thanked him for coming in not once, but for the second time. And he said, you know, no problem. Thank you. And that was it. We just shook hands and parted ways with the leader of the free world.

The Response on Social Media

What kind of feedback have you gotten on social media?

PJ Mongelli: A lot of positives. Yes, there was a little negative stuff. But Nicole and I don’t focus on negativity. All we do as accept positivity into our lives. And it’s been great pretty much since Saturday night when we met the president. So it was amazing.

The Response from Wedding Guests

What did your friends and family say?

PJ Mongelli: Oh, they’re still in shock. They just can’t believe that they were even in the same room, and forget about being in the same area of the President. They got to meet the President of the United States, and they’re still in shock and awe.

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This interview was first aired on SOH Radio.