Lin Wood, Kyle Rittenhouse Receiving Death Threats

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Lin Wood, Kyle Rittenhouse Receiving Death Threats

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You knew it wouldn’t be long.

Leftists are crawling out of their diseased woodwork to threaten the life of Kyle Rittenhouse and otherwise smear the young man who defended himself against three rioting thugs in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 25.

Lin Wood, one of the 17-year-old’s defenders and the man who helped organize his legal defense, reports that hate-Rittenhouse fanatics are sending him death threats and wishes that he and Rittenhouse will die.

The reason: Wood is defending a man who stood up to the mob, first by wading into a riot a week ago to offer first aid, then by shooting and killing two hardened criminals and wounding a third who attacked him.

The Threat

Rittenhouse became the object of the usual Two Minutes Hate when he defended himself against three Antifa-Black Lives Matter thugs.

The first was sex-offender Joseph Rosebaum, who was convicted of molesting a minor in Arizona. He chased down Rittenhouse then attacked him. The second was Anthony Huber, a repeat domestic abuser convicted of strangling someone, who attacked Rittenhouse with a skateboard. The third was Gaige Grosskreutz, who brandished a firearm as he moved against Rittenhouse after Huber went down.

Rosenbaum the molester and Huber the strangler went to the morgue. Gunman Grosskreutz went to the hospital.

Rittenhouse went to the police.

Despite video that clearly shows him defending himself, and despite a criminal complaint that explains in detail what occurred and validates his claim of self defense, hard leftists say Rittenhouse is guilty of “murder.”

Yet again, the media, the radical Left, and even Democrat presidential nomintee Joe Biden have denounced him. He is, they falsely say, a “Trump supporter” who “murdered” two people.

The Threat

“I am receiving numerous death threats against Kyle Rittenhouse,” Wood tweeted. “Threats are now being made against me, my family, & my colleagues…. I want Kyle to be safe.”

Wood provided a lengthy example with an all-caps note from someone who claimed that video shows Rittenhouse attacking a woman “before he commits murder”:

• Your client is a piece of sh*t that will die in prison at the hands of a large black man … … … … … … . in my opinion … … … . . I will celebrate buy drinks for everyone….

• Jack Dorsey will squish you like the f*cking cockroach you are….

• Private companies a*shole do not have to follow 1st Amendment idiot first yr law student knows that you old fool….

• I hope and pray you and your whole family gets “China virus” and dies, dies, dies….

• I hope you’ve enjoyed my freedom of speech you anti-American Nazi loving piece of sh*t….

• Soooo glad your off Twitter loser

Wood was unmoved: “I will not be intimidated. I am fearless. I will continue to speak truth. I will #FightBack.”

Wood’s #FightBack Foundation is leading the effort to raise money for Rittenhouse’s defense, and as of Sunday, had raised more than $600,000. Wood has not updated that figure on Twitter since then.

The lead attorney is John Pierce of Pierce Bainbridge.

Twitter temporarily shut down Wood’s account two days ago, and blocked a post from Pierce that compared Rittenhouse to the American at Lexington in 1775 who fired the shot heard round the world.

Last week, Rittenhouse’s attorneys published a detailed statement about his activities the night of August 25. The attorneys explained that Rittenhouse was in Kenosha to help clean up the mess that Blake rioters were creating as they burned, looted, vandalized, and otherwise destroyed the city.

Photos back up that claim and show Rittenhouse at the wall of a high school with several other graffiti-scrubbing volunteers. In a video, he is seen providing aid to those injured in the “mostly peaceful” protests, as the media have laughingly called the riots.

Facebook censored conservative commentator Mark Dice’s post that featured video of Rittenhouse helping an injured woman because it provided support for “mass murder.”


R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

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