Left-Wing Criminals Attack Trump Supporters After Minneapolis Rally

Left-Wing Criminals Attack Trump Supporters After Minneapolis Rally

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In a sad story that’s become all too familiar in the past three years, left-wing rioters — many of them associated with the domestic terrorist group Antifa — physically attacked several supporters of President Donald Trump after a rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Thursday night.

Despite the violence against pro-Trump individuals, Minneapolis police reported only one arrest for property damage and one citation for disorderly conduct associated with the attacks.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo described the events in a statement: “While the vast majority of people that gathered were peaceful and respectful, officers did engage with some individuals and groups demonstrating aggressive or illegal behavior to address issues related to life safety and property damage. Officers further engaged when assaulted during their response. Objects containing liquid believed to be urine were hurled at some of my officers along with bottles and rocks. Police horses were also assaulted by protestors striking them with sticks.”

All of that but only one arrest? Really? One would think that PETA would insist on arrests for the treatment of the horses, at least.

Still, at least one protestor of the Trump rally insisted that the police — who only arrested one of the violent thugs — were focused on the wrong group.

Protestor Keri Picket was interviewed by WCCO television outside of the event. “Right-wing extremism is the largest terrorist group around the world. It’s not ISIS. It is not left-wing liberals. It is right-wing extremists, which is the largest killer around the world and (the police) are facing toward the people who are concerned about that,” Pickett said. “I think that’s a problem.”

Breitbart reports that riot police stood by while Antifa members dragged steel fences away from the Target Center. Elijah Schaffer, a correspondent for The Blaze, was bear-maced in the face by protestors but was still able to report on the left-wing violence.

“Trump supporters are literally fleeing the event it ended as protestors are waiting around and attacking attendees as they leave the arena,” Shaffer tweeted.

Protestors stole dozens of the iconic red “Make America Great Again” hats off the heads of Trump supporters and burned them in the street.

Lest you think that Shaffer’s on-the-ground reporting on the event stinks of right-wing bias, local Minneapolis reporters were also on the scene to document the carnage. Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Liz Sawyer reported that swarms of protestors were singling out individual Trump supporters and surrounding them in groups prior to attacking them physically.

“Large groups continue encircling one or two Trump supporters at a time. One guy just had debris thrown at him and got slapped in the face. A videographer stood up for him and helped lead him out of the circle.”

The mob was somewhat indiscriminate as you didn’t have to be a Trump supporter in order to be attacked. “In this riot of anti-Trump. I was just trying to get through with my brother, and I’ve never been called a racist so many times, let alone ever. I’ve never been shoved for walking through for thinking I was a Trump supporter. I don’t have opinions on Trump but this was wack,” tweeted witness and mob victim Kali Finch.

Ironically, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, a Democrat with a long-standing feud with the president, proclaimed Thursday to be Love Trumps Hate Day in Minneapolis.

“Minneapolis is built on, and propelled forward by, a commitment to inclusion,” Mayor Frey said during his proclamation. Apparently, that vaunted inclusiveness the mayor is crowing about stops where political dissent from leftist orthodoxy is concerned.

Should any of the Democrat challengers for the 2020 presidential nomination want some free advice, I have some for them: If you’re truly looking for something to set yourself apart from the rest of the field and get undecided voters to swing your way, there’s an easy way to do it. Simply condemn these monsters who go out and engage in violence in the name of politics. Don’t issue some milquetoast condemnation where you “understand where the rage is coming from,” simply condemn it — in no uncertain terms.

But don’t expect it from any of the challengers currently in the race. Like their brethren who participate in these so-called protests, they’re cowards. After all, these rioters are now the Democrat base, and you don’t want to upset your base.

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