Left-wing Antifa Terrorist Violence Erupts in Portland; “Proud Boys” Score P.R. Win

Left-wing Antifa Terrorist Violence Erupts in Portland; “Proud Boys” Score P.R. Win

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Dozens of media outlets warned of possible violence in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday as the Proud Boys, an organization of men that welcomes all races, creeds, and sexual orientations so long as they support Western values rallied in the city.

And, boy, were the media right. But none of the violence came from the right on Saturday. No, Saturday’s violence was a product of our favorite left-wing terrorist group Antifa.

The Proud Boys group marched briefly and left the area. But as the day wore on, Portland police were forced to declare the ongoing disruption caused by Antifa a “civil disturbance” and order people to disburse.

Portland police made at least 13 arrests during Saturday’s protests — none of which appeared to be associated with the Proud Boys.

Alexander G. Dial, 37 was charged with attempted assault in the second degree and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. A John Doe was also charged with attempted assault in the second degree. Dial and the John Doe were booked and placed in custody. Eleven others, including two juveniles, were detained and released, mostly on disorderly conduct charges.

Portland police are still compiling information and arrest totals might climb today as a separate press release is expected

Journalist Andy Ngo, who was severely beaten by Antifa thugs on June 29, shared several videos of violent leftist behavior on Twitter.

One video shows a middle-aged man who was allegedly maced and beaten unconscious by Antifa terrorists as his girlfriend or spouse kneels over him to protect him from further attacks. Another shows Antifa members attacking a small group of men with weapons.

It is unknown whether the perpetrators in these videos were among those arrested.

Ngo had been warning this week that the coming protest might turn extremely violent. On Friday, Ngo told Fox and Friends, “I’m really concerned about the Antifa vs. right-wing protest happening tomorrow. I think it has the potential to be a powder keg.”

“In Portland, political violence is banality now,” Ngo said.

Yet another video shows a group of Antifa protesters attacking a bus that reportedly carried members of the Proud Boys. The terrorists threw rocks and other objects at the bus as it tried to make its way down a city street.

President Trump weighed in on the situation in Portland, tweeting on Saturday, “Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.’ Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully, the mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

But that mayor, Ted Wheeler, was not happy about the president’s interest in his city. “I’m not concerning myself with tweets coming out of Washington, D.C., and frankly, it’s not helpful. This is a potentially dangerous and volatile situation.”

And the mayor was right, it was violent. But none of that violence emanated from the Proud Boys.

Wheeler praised his police department. “I’d like to start off by thanking the chief and the men and women of the Portland Police Bureau and all of our collaborating law enforcement partners for the very hard work they did today,” Wheeler said, before adding that the police did “a great job of deescalating the situation.”

Wheeler also inexplicably called the Proud Boys march and the violent Antifa attacks that sprung from it, “a largely peaceful event.” While the day could have potentially been much worse, calling it “largely peaceful” seems incredibly tone-deaf.

Wheeler also chastised event organizer Joe Biggs for purposefully wasting public funds since it cost “millions” of dollars to ensure that the event went smoothly. Wheeler then warned Biggs not to come back to Portland. “And so, Mr. Biggs and others saying they are going to come here, that feeds into that sense of fear. So, I want to be very clear, we do not want him here in my city. Period.”

But the Proud Boys, who were founded by comedian and Internet personality Gavin McInnes, aren’t likely to listen to Wheeler. On Saturday, they accomplished exactly what they wanted to accomplish.

They marched peacefully and showed America exactly what Antifa is all about. It’s a mask-wearing group of criminals, who are using the tactics of, well, fascists — the very people they claim to be fighting against.

Leftists will argue that the Proud Boys were in Portland to provoke Antifa, and maybe they’re right — a little bit. But the simple fact that a peaceful right-wing protest can provoke this childish group to violence needs a serious light shone upon it.

When the leftist media and Democrats ignore and excuse the violent behavior of these mask-wearing criminals, they are tacitly endorsing that behavior.

A simple, straightforward question needs to be asked of every Democrat candidate: “Do you support Antifa?” The answer to that question will expose the type of America that they want.

Do they want a nation ruled by laws where violent, mask-wearing thugs are arrested or do they want an America where such behavior is tolerated and even encouraged?

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