Lawsuit: SAT Provider Selling Student Data

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Lawsuit: SAT Provider Selling Student Data

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From Freedom Project Media:

The College Board, the organization behind the SAT, has been illegally gathering and selling private student data to boost the already enormous salaries of its executives, according to an explosive civil-rights lawsuit. Over 5 million students apparently had their data sold.

Among the private data that was obtained and sold by the ostensibly “non-profit” College Board were students’ names, home addresses, gender, ethnicity, grades, citizenship status, religious views, and much more, the suit alleges. It was collected through the so-called “Student Search Survey.”

To collect the data, the scandal-plagued College Board used “unfair and deceptive means,” the attorneys said. Those means included marketing its data-collection scheme as a tool to help students get accepted into a college or university.

According to the complaint, the outfit then sold the data to third parties without obtaining legally required consent. The price of the data, per student, was between $0.42 and $0.47, the complaint said. The group rakes in over $1 billion per year and pays exorbitant salaries, including $1.5 million to the president.

The students who were affected have suffered an invasion of privacy, the deprivation of the right to control and choose how their identities are used, and a diminished value to their personal information, the attorneys involved in the case said in a statement.

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