Johnson & Johnson, Opioids, Ramifications and Insights

Expotorial; Johnson n Johnson, Opioids, Ramifications and Insights

September 16, 2019 – By Phil Speed

When did Johnson and Johnson, stray from the way? I think that voice that is all of our heads, saying, keep true, in them, somehow was overtaken with other less than right principles.

With great power comes great responsibility, that is evidently not taking place here, let’s explore this further.

I’m reminded of an executive that had to down-size his building company and went from 6 million dollars a year to 3 million dollars a year & he then committed suicide for being a failure. He left behind 3 girls and a loving wife.  Is this a sad tale … I will make a comment on the attitude, not who he may have been as a person.

Clearly, he did not understand the meaning of life or the first principle,  of ‘who over what’…

Is this what we are seeing here as well? Money worshipping, whatever it takes, out of context clearly and reality relevance went astray? Maintain profits no matter what, even at the cost to human life and all the values we try so hard to adhere to?

If it is, in fact, the case, how sad and destructive. Ignoring all the good, right, and true ways that, in actual reality, hold the human world together. Contrary to how they think, it is not money, it is fundamental trust.

It’s there in all of us, some deep down, some wavering, still, it is there.  Ignoring that is the causation of the perilous paths they take.


AP News reported that in August 2019,

An Oklahoma judge on Monday found Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and its subsidiaries helped fuel the state’s opioid crisis and ordered the consumer products giant to pay $572 million, more than twice the amount another drug manufacturer agreed to pay in a settlement.

Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman’s ruling followed the first state opioid case to make it to trial and could help shape negotiations over roughly 1,500 similar lawsuits filed by state, local and tribal governments consolidated before a federal judge in Ohio.

“The opioid crisis has ravaged the state of Oklahoma,” Balkman said before announcing the verdict. “It must be abated immediately.”

The companies are expected to appeal the ruling to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Hunter has called Johnson & Johnson a “kingpin” company that was motivated by greed. He specifically pointed to two former Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries, Noramco and Tasmanian Alkaloids, which produced much of the raw opium used by other manufacturers to produce the drugs.

Johnson and Johnson took 86.1 billion in sales in 2018 and are growing on average 6% per year. 


Here is the Johnson & Johnson company mission statement…

“Founded in 1886 on principles Johnson & Johnson has been privileged to play a role in helping millions of people around the world live better, healthier lives.

Our Family of Companies is connected by Our Credo which sets forth our core values and business philosophy. It is the moral compass that guides our responsibilities as a citizen of the world.

Our Credo has been the moral compass for our business since 1943. It guides the decisions we make, the emphasis we place on our stakeholders, and the way we conduct business.  We understand that core values or a business philosophy cannot be mandated.

But through the formal policies and practices a company adopts to govern its business conduct, its values and principles can be upheld.

The principles in Our Credo reflect the character, ethics, and values that define us as a company and lay the foundation for the expectations we have for our directors, management, and employees in operating a responsible company”

Robert Wood Johnson: The Johnson & Johnson Leader Who Advised President Roosevelt

“Johnson publicly advocated for his ideas—including higher wages for American workers—during the Great Depression,” says company historian Margaret Gurowitz. “In Try Reality, Johnson set out in writing his ideas that businesses had a larger responsibility to society, which included everyone who used their products, their employees and the community.”

In 1997, then-Chairman and CEO Ralph S. Larsen collected 65 copies of Our Credo from various countries and had them printed in a single volume (shown above). His goal was to show how “the philosophy” is a force for uniting Johnson & Johnson as a worldwide organization.

In the book’s introduction, Larsen wrote: “Our Credo looks different from country to country. But no matter what the language, its enduring principles remind us of the values that make up the character of Johnson & Johnson. It is a heritage of enormous importance and a legacy we honor.”

Our Credo

The values that guide our decision-making are spelled out in our credo. Put simply, our credo challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first.

Robert Wood Johnson, Chairman from 1932 to 1963 and a member of the company’s founding family, drafted our credo himself in 1943, just before Johnson & Johnson became a publicly-traded company. This was long before anyone ever heard the term “corporate social responsibility”. Our credo is more than just a moral compass. We believe it’s a recipe for business success. The fact that Johnson & Johnson is one of only a handful of companies that have flourished through more than a century of change is proof of that.

Read the full Credo doc here.

From reading this thoroughly, objectively and subjectively, I see a lot of worthy business principles in there, along with far too many “we” and “our”. Feel free to correct me, however, aren’t the products for us  & about us, not their profits?

Given what has transpired, you can make your own decisions on how far they have betrayed themselves and us in the process.  Are we seeing their credo lived and applied in reality, on the ground, for our benefit or did you also read between the lines here and notice, where the emphasis is, profit, power, vanity?

Ok, selling yourself in part is needed in a lot of areas of our lives, however, to say one thing, believe another, sell one thing and do another … well, you know the answer.

What stands out is competition to be relevant, seeing as they want to apply unrelated philosophies to their slogans.  Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

Greed and Need

We will begin this analysis with who is this conglomerate and what role they play in the lives of mankind across America and the world.

Then let’s look closely at the way they operate and how they infiltrate the societal structure and the effects this has on the quality of our lives.

And then on to an in-depth look as to the motives and purposes, the why’s n wherefores, if you please, that is the base of their behavior, corporate structure, and modus operandi.

Also a huge congratulations and well done to those that brought this to the courts, some of us are standing up against the disgusting lies and shame on the company for the usual defensive all care no responsibility stance. 

In 2013 a court ruling found Johnson and Johnson guilty of Allegations Include Off-label Marketing and Kickbacks to Doctors and Pharmacists and Johnson & Johnson was ordered to Pay More Than $2.2 Billion to Resolve Criminal and Civil Investigations

This company started, from researching, with some good intentions, along the lines of hey, “let’s help mankind with some ailments that can improve the quality of their lives, let us also be responsible and at the same time make a tidy profit from them, win, win.”

Therein encompasses the lie and the twisted mentality that has dictated, bending & shaping their ways from the motive of, to give us what they think we need and then to give what we may require.

Now don’t me wrong here, they have made some good products in the past and that is in no way a predictor of future behaviors, obviously, it only shows that they are in the business of making money.

How do they do that? Through supply and demand, by giving us what is most effective that has some good properties and then the carrier, being opioid, for us to use it more & more. (addiction)

Somewhere along the way, they lost track of the effect on us, other than using our feedback to adjust & align with profits rather than what is actually needed assistance.

The court finding in short

“We have proven that Johnson & Johnson have built its billion-dollar brand out of greed and on the backs of pain and suffering of innocent people.”



About 130 people, in the United States, die every day from overdosing on opioids, misuse of prescribed medications and street drugs.  The link has been researched, between prescribed opioid usage leading to heroin usage.

This creates such an economic burden and strain on the healthcare system and then the loss of the quality of life for many Americans. And then there is the justice system, addiction treatment and on it goes.

When did this start? Around 1995 pharmaceutical companies, started producing opioids as a mainstay in drugs, assuring the relevant bodies and the community there is no addiction associated?

That reassurance was then green light to prescribe them more and more.  The misuse ensued.  As evidenced recently they are indeed highly addictive and in 2018 approximately 45,000 Americans died from an opioid overdose.

And about 1.6 million people suffered from substance-related disorders, the main culprit being opioids, related to opioid pain relievers.  From this, it is estimated 10% develop an opioid use disorder 5% escalate to heroin. The Midwest region has a 60% increase in opioid overdoses.  Source: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Link to AP article:

What is an Opioid then?

A derivative of opium? No.  What is being produced to treat pain and overprescribed is Fentanyl, a manufactured synthetic opioid is 50x more potent than heroin and 100x more potent than morphine.

Opioids manage the pain in the brain’s response, it is highly addictive. In the form of transdermal patches, tablets, lozenges or nasal sprays.

From experience, if the mind is not strong with structure and integrity then if there is an ailment, pain will find the weakest part of the body, then opioids may seem like an option and have been marketed as such, yet they are in no way a solution, this I believe in the fundamental point of this article. 

Similarly, using a battleship to kill a mosquito, overkill, literally as has now come to light.  There are many other suitable products, for usage as is necessary only in certain circumstances.

The pharmaceutical companies & marketing strategies are in some sort of game that the most devious hidden agenda being masked as good, win.

Need an example?

Here you go, an employee, that came up with this idea, gets a bonus, you sold more, you get a bonus. As one feeds off the other and so it goes on and on. Does that sound like any moral fiber? It destroys moral fiber.

And we take the bait, buy the product and hence are hooked on it. They know what they are doing and clearly and they do it well.

Similarly, like on television, their advertising and opioids anesthetize us, while reinforcing lies, selling something. Mostly, giving us issues that we didn’t know we had or that don’t exist.

Preying on our fear that leads to worry for more medicine, that they helped to generate, constantly plying their intrusive campaign, evocative and alluring in whatever way their demographic strategists have targeted, the broader the better, for them, all for the sole purpose of money.

All the competitors follow them or are in some way linked to them and they all tow the line or go under.

For them the good got lost and no longer exists, only the stocks market dividends, profits and as a bonus to the power-hungry executives that have no moral compass, no accountability and are irresponsible shirkers, using authoritative ways rather than cooperative ways.

Why are they so defensive, begs the question of what they are hiding? Who do they think is out to get them that they have to behave in abhorrent ways?

Clearly, the truth is the answer.

What about pioneering a new or more righteous way, founded on value, worth, integrity?

Sure business is business & there is no reason why these ways of value, quality, & worth, ought not to be THE way to do business.

On that, I am reminded of a conversation, I had with my nephew many years ago, who wanted to start his own business, like I had done and asked for some tips and he said,

“The majority of people are rude and harsh in business and they say it is not personal it’s just business”.

I said, “Saying, it’s just business is an excuse to be rude, there is no reason for it, it shows what they are like and give them a wider berth, manners cost nothing, vote with our feet.”

That also led me to say, as Alan Alda said one day,

“If you do something kind for another and they ignore it or take as if they deserved it and say nothing, then keep at them till the appreciate it & acknowledge it.”

Though this may seem to be insecure, it is far from it, it is showing them that you didn’t have to do it and that one kindness deserves another, it’s not really an expectation, it is simply good manners.

There is no reason why this can’t be the way and should apply to business, such as in this case.

I know I’m appreciative of another’s goodwill towards me and I show that appreciation in kind. Sounds simple, well all the best things in life have this ingredient.

This is where this company lost its way. The paying customer is what makes them. If there is no us, there is no company! Have they forgotten that we are not cannon fodder to be used and abused for their sordid purposes?

If this was a family, as they claim to be, then intervention needs to take place, saying “Hey stop it, not good enough, lift your game here”, seeing that they tout being a family and ride on the back of this. It is an insult and we the rest of the so-called family must make a stand and intervene, telling them their behavior is unacceptable and if they wish to continue, they have to change, after all, they are serving us, we do not serve them, despite what they may think and the way they behave.

If they were to say yep, we messed up somewhat there, take the pain and learn from it and rebuild their name and products, I would have more respect for them, yet the trust would still be broken, and only slightly restored.

If they were completely transparent in all their business dealings and the ingredients of their products, produced ethically then that would be even better. The money they make does not give them any right to treat us poorly or take advantage of us.

On that point there is pain in life, avoiding it won’t make it go away, it just delays it, as the expression goes, “The cause of all suffering in humanity is from not facing reality, exactly as it is”.

I think we can all relate to this and keep it close to our own philosophies.  Have we really overlooked this, have we not grown or evolved into mature humans with the coexisting mentality?

Now read carefully, I have stated an opinion, I reckon a few share this with me.

Knowing the clout they have, writing about them has to be on the money, so to speak and impervious to backlash. And that is a testament to the monopoly they have over the power play and health of, not only Americans but also the rest of the world.

The underlying, it is under and lying, being the operative words here, is that large companies complicit in this behavior, must change. The idea of success and how much we really need must change as well.

There are better and more natural ways to apply a business model. This humanity, or humankind, as the Buddhists say, a kind heart finds peace everywhere, this type of mentality must reign again.

The common good is becoming an endangered species.  However, we are restoring it now, with all our articles of self-empowerment, truth, from strength to strength.

The overriding or overturning of the wrong business practices that come from a warped sense of reality, is the way forward.

It’s a cycle that if left unchecked grows out of control, this is where we are now.   This court case and exposing of what Johnson and Johnson have done is a good starting point.

All said, there are still medical conditions that need the research that these companies can do. It is a two-edged sword really.

The whole damn thing has to be reassessed and restructured, with the prime directive to be, “do no harm”. The moral compass of “doing no harm” sounds pretty silence now. It’s the sound of the abandonment of humanity.

What happened to the ethical way, the traditional ways, where an honest merchant sold goods that made life somewhat easier or at least did it right and properly?  Has this been lost? Can we return to the stoicism of our forefathers? They knew the value and morality of producing something that was wanted and needed but with moral virtues kept in mind.

And hey if that made us then, a little lazy, that is a good kind of lazy, we can’t do everything all the time 24 hours a day.

This so-called, modern way that we take, the fastest and easy way out, in reality, that doesn’t exist and we are seeing the consequences now.

A matter of trust

Pain and suffering are as much a part of life as joy and happiness, they are not our whole life though and we shouldn’t let them rule our life. There is no magic wand to combat ailments, there are, however, many natural ethical remedies.

Have we placed too much trust in corporations and now need to take a step back to reassess this relationship in our lives and society.

Would you say that we as a community would be stronger mentally and physically to handle ourselves in a more stoic manner?

Yes, it would. As Goethe says ” Life and freedom are earned anew every day ” they sure are, this says how much effort are we willing to put in to actually live a free life.

When is enough, Enough!

Many corporations are steeped in this cold-blooded greed, wrapped in a family-friendly brand. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Truer words have never been spoken.

Let us not forget that they could be helping us with science that works but that would not benefit them.

What they do now is to sell us a product that may work but that has addictive ingredients in them to keep up buying more. They have done with our food as well and now with our “medicine” or drugs. They make it affordable and then slowly raise the price once a person is addictive to the product. A clever and well-used trick by many corp companies today.

Every one of us has the responsibility to proactively seek the truth and trust in nature’s remedies and not manufactured things that have no place in a human body.

Through this article and through our America Daily shows we hope to show people a way back to truthful living and behaviors that create the best results for mankind and that can help change any situation. Health comes from both Mind and Body, so what we feed both matters greatly.


For the survival of humankind and for us to be strong, the change back to natural ways is imperative, for the road corp companies have traveled is perilous & we are in fact on the precipitous of a big change!

Remember we are in this together & under the surface, we know what is the right and true things to do. We know what it means to have moral integrity and a backbone to see a positive change come through. Time will be our witness!

The modern world has many pressures and relying on drugs to alleviate them is not the way. Current evidence has shown the destructive effects this has had on many Americans. Many are dying now from the addition to Opioids.

Even how we view and treat pain needs to be assessed. We know many natural remedies and practices to reduce pain like acupuncture, meditation, etc.


A brief statement by Johnson & Johnson said,

“Johnson & Johnson plans to appeal the opioid judgment in Oklahoma.”


From this statement, we can see that these corporate companies are never going to change, so it is up to us to be the change!

Through this article and our America Daily shows, we hope to show a way back to truthful living and behaviors that create the best results for mankind and that can help change any situation to truth and reality.  Good health comes from both Mind and Body, what we feed both, is of imperative importance.

For the survival of humankind to be strong, structured and stoic, the change forward, back to restorative natural ways, is imperative.  For the road corporations have traveled is perilous & we are in fact on the precipitous of big changes!

Remember, we are in this together & under the surface, we know what the right and true things are, that we need to do. We know what it means to have moral integrity and a backbone to see a positive change come through to fruition. Time will be our witness!

The modern world has many pressures and relying on drugs to alleviate them is not the way. Current evidence has shown the destructive effects abuse of opioids etc has had and many Americans dying now from the addiction to Opioids.

Even how we view and treat pain, needs to be reassessed.  We know of many natural remedies and practices to reduce pain like acupuncture, meditation, etc. I will leave you with these words about what we need to do to promote a greater change in society at large. 

First, Faith must be restored to our own capabilities to handle living life with all its pain, suffering, joy and sorrow. Human life encompasses pain and sorrow but how to view that pain and suffering in the key to overcoming it. If the easy way or quick temporary solution, is taken, the problems only arise later, bigger and worse.

Second, learn and become a student of the many philosophies in life, that teach us how to overcome trials and adversities. Have a read about Stoicism and how Marcus Aurelius viewed hardships, practice meditation to remove the many incorrect ways that we carry stress in our thinking which actually make us sicker, go back to the diet our ancestors ate for thousands of years.

Thirdly, reflect on how to live a life founded on fundamental moral principles with natural reality. This can and will give you the courage to know and trust you are on the right path in living this wonderful life.

Stay tuned for more articles covering our podcast content as we dive into deeper answers to our society’s many issues.