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Is the World Getting Wise to the Controversial Confucius Institute?

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America Daily looks at the nature of the Confucius Institute; how the Chinese government exerts its influence on campuses around the world; and what the U.S. is doing to counteract China’s influence on American campuses.

Episode Guests

  • Doris Liu, director of In the Name of Confucius, a documentary exposing the hidden truth behind China’s global push to educate our youth. The Chinese government has tried to interfere with screenings of the film around the world.
  • Tahu Parkinson, a volunteer Falun Dafa exercise instructor in New Zealand. The school his practice site was at abruptly kicked them off campus. He believes the Confucius Institute had something to do with it.



Background Information

  • Three government reports about China’s Confucius Institutes have been released recently. They raise concerns that CIs compromise academic freedom, lack transparency, and should not exist on college campuses.
    • The Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations published China’s Impact on the U.S. Education System in February 2019.
    • The Government Accountability Office published its own report on Confucius Institutes in February 2019. It found that most schools’ Confucius Institute agreements were kept confidential.
    • The U.K. Conservative Party Human Rights Commission also issued a report in February 2019. It says CIs might be “an arm of Chinese ‘soft power’ and propaganda, aimed at promoting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s propaganda and stifling its critics around the world.”
  • The National Defense Authorization Act was passed in August 2018. It prohibits funding for any Confucius Institute and restricts funding for colleges and universities with Confucius Institutes.

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