Interview with former Principal Reagan Advisor Dr. John Lenczowski (Part 2)

Today’s Top Stories: 

  1. President Trump Donates Part of Salary (0:23)
  2. Border Security Deadline  (1:08)
  3. US-Taliban Talks  (1:57)
  4. Illegal Voting in Texas (2:43)
  5. Brazil Dam Collapse  (3:42)

Today’s quote is from Elie Wiesel: (4:25)

“Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil.”

The story of the Day | Interview with former Principal Reagan Advisor Dr. John Lenczowski. Part 2  (5:17) 

Today’s show on our Series Great Minds/ Lessons from History, we complete our interview with Dr. John Lenczowski.

Dr. Lenczowski is the President of The Institute of World Politics, he was also the Former Principal Advisor to President Reagan on Soviet Affair,  as well as a Former Director of European and Soviet Affairs, and was on the National Security Council.

Quote from Show:

“Before the Reagan administration, there was no intelligence collection about any of this. There was no intelligence collection about Soviet propaganda, disinformation, active measures, all of this.

(AD: So it started with Reagan?)

Yes. And when we came into office, we changed the national intelligence topics, and we ordered the intelligence community and our diplomats to start collecting information on all of this. And they did a very good job.

We had an inter-agency committee that would analyze this stuff. And then we selectively declassified this information, and we ended up publicizing it in published reports, which are still publicly available on Soviet active measures.

And we sent out truth squads to alert members of Congress, to alert the media, to alert foreign government ministries and the foreign media, about these operations. Because much of this disinformation and deception is designed to work in the shadows in the darkness. That’s the way all criminals like to work.

And so if you expose some of the light of day on these activities, then it’s going to be less effective. And that’s one of the ways that we fought it.

So that was a major difference right there. Perhaps the most dramatic thing about the Reagan policy was that the president started telling the truth.”

What great insight and truth for us to consider. It truly comes down to the individual to seek the truth and fully realize what is at stake when we are warned about something as destructive as communism.