Interview with Conservative Beauty Queen Kathy Zhu

Political correctness and social media censorship is nothing new. And now they have converged in the beauty pageant world. Pro-Trump beauty queen Kathy Zhu lost her Miss Michigan World America title on July 18th for her “insensitive” tweets. Today we hear from Kathy Zhu herself. She shares her experience in the beauty pageant world, why she supports President Trump, and what she thinks of the 2020 Democratic candidates and their policies.


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Losing Her Title

Kathy Zhu was born in China and moved to Florida when she was five years old. Zhu, a University of Michigan student and Vice President of the school’s College Republicans, had her crown taken away the day after it was placed on her head.

How did you feel right after all this happened and all the media spotlight?

Kathy Zhu: You know, I feel really empowered right now. At first, this was a negative thing because they took away my crown, but now, you know, it’s been positive because there’s been a lot of positive energy and people supporting me and my message.

I was officially crowned on Sunday. They announced it on social media on Wednesday. And then the day after they sent me the messages and emails, and they told me that my social media, Twitter specifically, it was racist, Islamophobic. But I declined all of those things and they’ve never even given me a chance to explain. They just sent me the email saying that I was not allowed to participate anymore. — Kathy Zhu

Explaining ‘Insensitive’ Comments

Can you explain why they mentioned your comments on black-on-black crime? Could you explain what actually happened there?

Kathy Zhu: So the black-on-black crime community statistics I posted, it was actually in response to another person. And that person has tweeted multiple times about how all cops are bad people, how they should be basically all fired because they hurt innocent black people. And I said, you know, that’s not true. Most black-on-black violence is caused by other black people. And so people took that out of context. They didn’t read the full conversation, and that’s why they thought I was racist.

And what was the Twitter incident with the Hijab about?

Kathy Zhu: I walked past a booth that said “Try on a Hijab.” And a girl asked me, do you want to try on a hijab? And I said, no. No, thank you. And I walked to class. Later on, I post on Twitter saying, you know, this is not a fashion accessory. It’s a religious garment. And you know, two years ago in Saudi Arabia, women were just legalized to drive. So it shows how, for me, oppressive the regime is, especially in Islamic countries.

That tweet got taken out of context, saying that I was Islamophobic or anti Muslim, which is not true. — Kathy Zhu

Bias on College Campuses

So another question is what about the liberal education today in college? What do you think about that now?

Kathy Zhu: So actually in Ann Arbor is one of the most liberal cities in the U.S., and a lot of my teachers, when I first came to Michigan, they were very liberal. But it’s just really, really fun to debate them in class and see their faces when you actually know what you’re talking about. So, of course they don’t like that cause I sometimes embarrass them too. But I like to think that, when you are in a liberal setting and you hear their talking points and what they believe in and what they stand for, you could debate them better cause you’ve learned their ways.

So from your point of view, is the campus today leaning too much to one side?

Kathy Zhu: Yes, I think it is. The reason why I think so–this is my philosophy–is that when you’re educated on the horrors of what’s happening around the world, you become more sensitive in emotion for a lot of injustices. And I feel like that’s why people are more liberal, because liberals tend to be more emotional rather than conservatives. But then as conservatives, we have to tell them, hey, we get your emotion. We understand you. And we feel those emotions too. We’re sad for the injustice that’s happening too. We have to also look at what’s actually happening in the world instead of looking at one point of view.

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