Impeachment Inquiry Report & the fallout

Impeachment Inquiry Report & the fallout

So the 55-page report from the impeachment hearings has come out & now we have 2 articles of Impeachment. Today we look at the fallout and people’s reactions.

Rep. Doug Collins reacts here and calls this a ‘focus-group impeachment’

And we have the great speech from Rep. Jim Jordan basically laying out all the ‘actual facts’ from what was revealed in the actual testimonies that were heard.

Here Benny on the Block just asking random average Americans in one of the most Democratic states on what they think about this process.

So when the average person is saying they think this is a sham and then you have professionals saying the same thing. It makes you scratch your head. 

Click to hear the whole episode and let us know what you think about this Impeachment process. Was this fair to the American people?

Here are the linked documents we spoke about in this episode: