Illegals Keep Coming, Despite Chinese Virus, July Numbers Up Almost 25 Percent

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Illegals Keep Coming, Despite Chinese Virus, July Numbers Up Almost 25 Percent

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The tramping army of illegal-alien invaders neither fear COVID-19 nor President Trump’s deportation order. The teeming hordes have increased more than 100 percent after briefly subsiding just after the pandemic began.

Border agents apprehended 40,746 illegals in July, an increase of nearly 25 percent over than June’s figure, Customs and Border Protection reported yesterday.

At a news conference yesterday, Mark Morgan, acting chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, said the illegals, and the criminal gangs that smuggle them into the country, are endangering American lives.

About the only good thing in the latest number is that it’s about half July 2019’s total, but the message to Americans from Latin America’s penniless is this: We’re coming, virus or no virus. Try and stop us.

That cavalier attitude suggests those migrants have never been the less-fortunate, seeking a better life, but instead were and are an invasion force now weaponized with a virus.

The Latest Numbers

The number of illegals caught between ports of entry, meaning those who tried to jump the border and disappear into the heartland, jumped 24.8 percent from last month to July’s 38,347, CBP reported.

Most of that increase was single adults, whose numbers went from 27,552 in June to 33,938.

July’s figure brought the number of illegals apprehended while trying to sneak into the country to 298,238.

Border Apprehensions — June / July / Year

• Unaccompanied Children — 1,592 / 2,419 / 23,785

• Family Units — 1,577 / 1,990 / 45,809

• Single Adults — 27,552 / 33,938 / 228,644

• Totals — 30,721 / 38,347 / 298,238

Inadmissibles, meaning illegals stopped at ports of entry, increased 8.2 percent from 2,214 to 2,399.

Total apprehensions for the month were 40,746, a 23.7-percent jump over June that brought total apprehension for the year to 350,016.

Inadmissibles — June / July / Year

• Unaccompanied Alien Children — 87 / 87 / 2,451

• Family Units — 98 / 61 / 18,572

• Single Adults —1,973 / 2,183 / 30,256

• Accompanied Minor Child — 56 / 68 / 499

Totals — 2,214 / 2,399 / 51,778

Totals for Both Categories — 32,935 / 40,746 / 350,016

But again, bad as the numbers are, they’re less than half what they were last year at time, when more than 850,000 deluged the border.

2019 / 2020

October — 60,781 / 45,157

November — 62,469 / 42,642

December — 60,794 / 40,573

January — 58,317 / 36,584

February — 76,545 / 36,689

March — 103,731 / 34,064

April — 109,415 / 16,789

May — 144,116 / 23,118

June — 104,311 / 35,512

July — 81,777 / 40,746

Totals — 862,236 / 350,016

No Regard for Us or the Law

Border agents have apprehended nearly 150,000 illegals since the Chinese virus pandemic began in March. In April, 17,086 illegals were apprehended; July’s number more than doubled that figure.

“Despite the dangers posed by COVID-19, illegal immigration, it continues, putting American lives at risk,” Morgan said. “Migrants continue to ignore their countries’ stay-at-home guidance, as well as they continue to ignore the guidance of global medical experts. American citizens have made tremendous sacrifices as we fight the spread of this and fight to strengthen our economy.”

“We must secure our borders” against illegals, he said, who show “complete disregard” for basic health practices:

The criminal organizations and smugglers, which we talked about over and over again, who provide false promises to the illegal aliens, have no concern for their safety or the safety of American citizens.

Morgan said the aliens are stashed in oven-like houses and trailers for days that are “perfect incubators” for the Chinese virus.

And the illegals are traveling through “COVID hot spots inside Mexico.”

Said Morgan:

Even though some of these illegal aliens know or highly suspect that they have COVID — they know it or suspect it — they’re still coming. They’re exposing everyone they come in contact with….

It’s not about migrants risking their lives any longer…. It’s way beyond that. Now they’re risking the lives of everyone they come in contact with.

That includes CBP personnel and their families, as well as innocent Americans who live on the border and elsewhere.

And once those illegals are caught, as The New American reported last month, they land in American medical facilities.

Not surprisingly, COVID cases along the border are “skyrocketing,” the Center for Immigration Studies reported, and despite President Trump’s orders for immediate deportation for illegals, they land at hospitals or other medical facilities.

Courtesy of The New American