Illegals Invading England by Boat Across Channel

Illegals Invading England by Boat Across Channel

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Illegal aliens from France are piling into boats and attempting to cross the English Channel.

And those illegals are not, of course, French. They are Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, and others. Even worse, they know that even if they can’t make it across the choppy water if rescued the next stop might well be England, which will never deport them.

Thus is the sea-going invasion of nearly 2,000 illegals frighteningly reminiscent of the story that novelist Jean Raspail told in Camp of the Saints, his prophetic, apocalyptic novel about an invasion of the West by penniless hordes of the Third World.

The West didn’t have the courage to repel the rapacious invaders of Raspail’s grim imaginings. But now, the country that once ruled the world doesn’t have the courage to stop it for real.

Latest Figures

Figures reported in British mainstream media vary.

In 2019, the BBC reported, some 1,892 “migrants” crossed the Channel and landed on the sceptr’d isle, and French authorities intercepted another 1,235.

In December alone, the network reported, 283 “migrants” landed on the coasts of Kent and Sussex. That’s more than double the 138 illegals who crossed in December 2018.

On New Year’s Eve, British authorities picked up 43 illegals who were originally from Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. They were, apparently, unhappy with France’s generosity, and now purport to be refugees again.

The leftist Guardian reported a slightly higher figure of illegals caught by French authorities:

Almost 2,358 people were picked up in the Channel attempting to reach the UK by boat or swimming in 2019, compared with 586 in 2018.

In total in 2019, there were 261 crossings or attempted sea crossings, mostly by small, overloaded inflatable craft, leading to four deaths. Fifty-five percent of the attempts were unsuccessful. The most desperate attempted to swim the Channel, which is 20.7 miles across at its narrowest point.

Those figures show a 302-percent increase in illegals who attempted to reach England by boat or by swimming.

In mid-December, Breitbart reported, 40 illegals landed on Britain’s shore.

And in November, the website reported, the “Border Force stopped five boats in the English Channel over the weekend, carrying 74 illegal immigrants. On [November 10] alone, 31 people in two small boats — 25 men, three women, and three minors — were stopped at sea, marking the fourth such ‘incident’ in three days.”

Why do the migrants risk the dangerous trip? They know they won’t be shipped home. That is what a major trafficker admitted telling potential customers for his illegal, sea-borne smuggling operation.

“Really, you just cross the water. Then if police catch you, no problem, they never send you back,” he told an undercover reporter for Britain’s Sun.

Figures compiled by Sky News back that claim.

In October, Sky News reported that just six percent of illegal aliens have been deported to France since December 2018 despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Trump-like tough talk.

Sky News has collated data from multiple sources, including police records and local reports of arrivals, and calculated the number to be 1,456.

The Home Office says it has returned “over 85” this year, which means that only around 6% — or one in 17 — have been sent back.

Sweden Gone?

If Britons want a glimpse at the future, they can look to Sweden, where crime and social chaos reign thanks to the invasion of Muslim “migrants.”

Just today, Breitbart provided a translation of an opinion piece by political science professor Tommy Möller, who recently explained what’s happened to the once-tranquil country:

“No matter what happens, no one can deny that our society has undergone significant changes as a result of the extensive immigration, and these demographic changes will permeate Swedish politics for the foreseeable future,” Möller said and highlighted the rise of the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats (SD) who have topped recent opinion polls.

“Problems in health care and school, the municipalities’ increased costs for supply support, housing shortages and, not least, the accelerating gang crime — all of these are problems and some of them have been linked by SD with immigration,” he said.

“Accelerating crime,” Breitbart noted, citing an earlier report, includes data that show “migrants” are the culprits in most shootings in Malmö. And bombings, as The New American reported in October, are now routine.

Continued the professor, “unless the integration of the newly arrived succeeds better, in the long run, the social putty that makes a democratic welfare society of our kind possible risks being torn apart.”

Courtesy of The New American