How to Stay Productive in School!

How to Stay Productive in School!

By Sophia Lee – AD Youth Reporter

Since school is starting soon for many people, I wanted to share some tips on how to stay productive and study better! For all those freshmen out there, be sure not to procrastinate because high school is way different from middle school. Remember that your first year in high school is one of the most important, as it can affect your GPA badly throughout your high school career. 

Tip #1: Start Early

Always start your homework assignments early, especially if you really like to procrastinate. It doesn’t matter if your essay isn’t due for months, just start it early. I have a rule where I finish one thing a day. So if I have an essay due in a couple of weeks, I’ll write one paragraph a day which allows it to seem like less work and actually makes you do your homework early.

Since you’re starting early, it doesn’t matter how bad your work may be, just get it done. After you’ve finished it, go back and edit your work. After all, it’s always easier to make something better if you already have a base that you can work on. Plus, you have more time on your hands after you’re finished, so that you don’t have to worry for weeks!!

Tip #2: Put Some Music on!

Listen to music to relax and help you concentrate. Whether it’s classical, acoustic, or something else, it’s always nice to break the silence of studying. Make sure that your music isn’t too loud because you are trying to stay productive, not jamming to music.

If you concentrate better with silence or ocean waves, that’s cool too! According to many studies, it has been proven that classical music is excellent for studying and memorization. So, if you’re stuck, it never hurts to try to put on some music. 


Tip #3: Take a Break

Remember to take a break while you’re busy studying and doing homework. It’s harder to try to remember new information when your brain is tired. So take a break (or a nap), eat a snack, go outside, or just relax.

Pulling all-nighters isn’t great because you end up with mediocre work, so take a break and get some sleep. Staring at a problem is not going to make it magically be solved and you can always see something new with fresh eyes. If you haven’t figured out the answer for hours, then that probably means you need to take a break.

Get some fresh air and some vitamin D after being inside all day. A relaxed mind will solve more problems than a tired one!


Tip #4: Set Time Limits

Set some time limits for studying, especially if you can’t concentrate for long periods of time. Give yourself an hour to work as hard as you can on an assignment before you take a break so that you’re not just going off not doing anything.

Remember that you actually have to concentrate for the whole hour and not just getting up every five minutes. By setting time limits, it allows you to have something to look forward to and allows you to work your hardest during the time you have. If an hour seems too long, just shorten it to thirty minutes and work your way up.